After a fairly lacklustre RTX 3080 Ti launch from NVIDIA, we have a bit more of the same today! The new 3070 Ti’s are dropping, and not only will it probably be near impossible to get one, but the prices also won’t be great. As we saw with the recent 3080 Ti launch, even some retailers were increasing the prices astronomically! However, some were not, and companies like SCAN here in the UK did their best to keep prices where they should be! Either way, it’s so hard to get excited about new GPU launches these days as there isn’t enough stock, prices are crazy, and we have bots and scalpers wearing out their F5 keys like there is no tomorrow.


So, what does the Palit RTX 3070 Ti GameRock offer us in terms of specs? It comes packing 8GB of Micron GDDR6X, 6144 Shaders, a GPU clock of 1575 MHz with a boost of 1845Mhz and a 1188Mhz memory clock. Again we are seeing NVIDIA has implemented its LHR technology to limit Eth hash rates to hopefully try and make this card a bit less appealing to miners. All in all, it looks like a decent GPU on paper, but with everything currently going on, will it be enough to make you want to sit in virtual queues hoping and praying you are one of the lucky ones to get through and actually be able to purchase one?

One thing is for sure about the GameRock line of GPUs from Palit, they are very unique looking. The GameRock line features a very distinct, almost crystal type aesthetic. This is very similar to a few other products out on the market now and definitely, helps it stand out from the competition, if nothing else. RGB LEDs also light this crystal area of the GPU, so there is no missing it all, and while this won’t be for everyone, I reckon a good few people will quite like this look.

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Ben Enos

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