Panasonic to Launch First Compact Digital Camera with 4K Video Recording

/ 3 years ago

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This month will see Panasonic launch their latest digital camera, the Lumix FZ1000. Of course this is nothing especially crazy, the company releases new cameras all the time, but this one really stands out from the crowd.

The latest edition to the Lumix range will be the world’s first compact digital camera to support 4K video shooting. That means that early adaptors to the 4K product ranges will now have a more versatile way of shooting their own content to playback on their TV / Monitors.

The camera shoots the video at 30FPS, so no HFR 4K support for compact cameras just yet. The only downside in my opinion is that the lens is non-detachable, but it does have a focal range of 25mm to 400mm with the ability to shoot video in both close up and long range modes.

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Prices are to be around 100,000 yen, which is just under $1000 without taxes.

Thank you Asahi for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Asahi.

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  • Wayne

    Bah. I’ll wait until 4K is properly mainstream, by then my 50 buck phone will be able to shoot at the same resolution.

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