Paradox Interactive Announces New Strategy Game to Rival Civilization

Paradox Interactive the company behind some of the most popular strategy games like Hearts of Iron 4, Victoria 3, Europa Universalis 4 and my favourite Crusader Kings 3 has just announced their new title to rival Civilisation and Age of Empires, Millenia.


Millenia is a turn-based strategy game where each game will span over thousands of years starting at Stone Age, unlike other games like Civ and AoE Millenia does not follow a set path. The game will offer multiple win conditions and lots of different ways to meet them. So depending on your choices and game settings each era will have a different outcome depending on what happened during the previous one.

The game will also have a deeper and more flexible economy so that each game feels different and unique and the lack of a specific resource doesn’t leave you behind of your opponents.

Since the game is coming from Paradox I have really high expectations of the game as I have put countless hours into their other titles like Crusader Kings 3 and Victoria 3. Let us know how good the game will be.

What Paradox Had to Say

“Destroying everyone’s regions ends the game,” Friedman says. “If you’re at 400 turns, the game runs some statistics and determines who is the winner. But some of the ages are victory ages, where there are specific rules that can lead to a victory condition. We have religious victories, diplomatic victories, and science victories that are built into these ages, so as you’re picking the timeline, you’re going to want to push towards a victory you’re suited for. But remember, there might be other people you don’t know about and they might be more ready for that victory stage than you are.”

Announcement Trailer

James Cusworth

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