Paradox Plans to Tackle Cities: Skylines Piracy by Making the Game Even Better

/ 2 years ago

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Forget draconian DRM or annoying online registrations, Paradox thinks that it can prevent piracy of its new game, the SimCity-inspired Cities: Skylines, by making it at good as it can possibly be.

Shams Jorjani, Vice President of Acquisition at Paradox, revealed on Twitter, after bemoaning the 16% piracy Cities: Skylines was subject to after two days of release, that the company plans to make legal purchase through Steam the more desirable option by offering free updates and DLC:

Jorjani then took a swipe at DRM, reaffirming Paradox’s view that the more convenient you make game delivery and access, the more customers you will appeal to.

So, making the best game you can and making it easy to install and play is appealing to customers. Who knew?

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    Now if only some other certain companies had the same thoughts.

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