Part Of The Internet Archive Burns Down

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The internet archive, an impressively huge data center that holds every webpage created and indexed on archive servers and runs completely non-profit, partially caught fire on November 6th. The archive center has a total of 30 builds, of which one was lost in the fire among other surrounding buildings that were just damaged such as a church, local business and residence.

Although the fire destroyed some of the servers that runs to store data on, none of the saved data was actually lost. The saved data was saved again to prevent any loss in case it was lost in the first place. Still keeping up? I think I’ve lost myself.

Some of the equipment that was also lost in the data center during the fire includes: a scanner, high def camera, some lights and a few sets of office desks and chairs among some other lost items that can’t be accounted for due to the shock of the fire.

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Kahle, the founder of the internet archive, said that there was no estimation of the cost of the lost property and the situation is “quite a bummer”.

The employees that previously worked in the now burned out building have been relocated to a different office to continue their work. The digital archive states that they’re not expecting any further disruptions of service, including website downtime and employee inaccessibility, meaning that the site will be functioning as normal for the foreseeable future.

If you’re interested in contributing to the non-profit organisation, you can donate over here:

Thanks to Mashable for the information and image!

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4 Responses to “Part Of The Internet Archive Burns Down”
  1. ZomBie says:

    we got an archive for the archived internet?

  2. Justain says:

    So.. if I posted nude pictures of my wang on a homepage, and then deleted the site, does the Internet Archive (the IA) still has pictures of my wang, or just the cached html?

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