Partial Xeon E7 v3 Specifications Reveal up to 18 Cores

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The next and third generation Xeon E7 processors for servers are likely to launch next quarter and more information about these processors have now been discovered in an IBM Installation and Service Guide.

The new Xeon processors will be built on Haswell-EX cores and will incorporate improvements such as increased number of cores, larger L3 cache, new AVX and TSX instructions, along with support for DDR4 memory.

Xeon E7 specs

There will only be 12 SKUs in the new v3 series, including four E7-4800 v3 models and eight E7-8800 v3 models.

Xeon E7-4800 v3 line will be comprised of E7-4809 v3, E7-4820 v3, E7-4830 v3 and E7-4850 v3 that will have 8, 10, 12 and 14 cores respectively. The CPUs come with 20 MB L3 cache for the 8-core processor and up to 35 MB for the 14-core one. They will operate between 1.9GHz and 2.2GHz and fit into 115 Watt power envelopes.

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Xeon E7-8800 v3 series will also have 16- and 18-core models, exceptions are the Xeon E7-8893 v3 with 4 CPU cores, 3.2 GHz clock rate, and 140 Watt TDP and the E7-8891 v3 with 10 cores and a clock speed of 2.8 GHz.

The 16-core Xeon E7 v3 models are E7-8860 v3 and E7-8867 v3. The 140W and 165W TDP processors are clocked at 2.2 GHz and 2.5 GHz respectively.

Xeon E7-8870 v3, E7-8880 v3, E7-8880L v3 and E7-8890 v3 will have incredible 18 CPU cores and 45 MB of level 3 cache. Frequencies start at 2 GHz for E7-8880L v3 and go all the way up to 2.5 GHz for the E7-8890 v3. The low-power E7-8880L v3 has 115 Watt TDP which means just over 6W per core.

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5 Responses to “Partial Xeon E7 v3 Specifications Reveal up to 18 Cores”
  1. Wesley Avrett says:

    18 cores, and not even 3.0GHz? The hell, Intel?

    • PIXELFLUX says:

      Did you ever stop for a moment to think “Hey, it’s probably because of all the heat the CPU will output and also, being a Xeon, it’s rated for 24/7 full workload without a hitch!”..?
      No?…thought so…

      • Wesley Avrett says:

        Sounds to me like you’re mad, and know very little about computers in general. Calm down kid, it’ll be OK, eventually.

        • PIXELFLUX says:

          Yes, especially since this critique is coming from a person who probably doesn’t realize that Xeons are usually packed tight in server blades and hence heat is an issue, therefore they are designed with that in mind. If you want high clock rates – get a 5960X, overclock and enjoy performance levels coming very close to these 18-cores for 1/4 of the cost.
          Otherwise don’t tell me what I do and don’t know without making a relevant correction, kiddo 🙂

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