Patent Document Shows New Google Glass Design

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Looks like Google is planning to change their Glass design, as glassalmanac has discovered a new patent for just that. And it’s not surprising as most people wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the current version according to a survey. It doesn’t bother geeks so much, but we are a special kind of people.

US Patent D710,928S was granted to Google engineer Mitchell Heinrich on August, 12 2014. The patent appears to be focused solely on a new version of Google Glass that looks a lot less obtrusive than the current model and may finally remove the robot stigma that some Explorers have been feeling out in public.


The new patent covers a design without an external projector and instead has an internally mounted display unit on what appear to otherwise be a normal set of frames. Heinrich has been instrumental in the development of Glass along with Isabelle Olsson. Between the two of them there are no less than three dozen patents granted to Google already. Who knows how many others have been submitted or have yet to be filed in an attempt to get the masses on board with a version of Google Glass that people will line up to wear.

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One Response to “Patent Document Shows New Google Glass Design”
  1. Wayne says:

    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the current design if you’re the kind that doesn’t mind spinach stuck to your teeth or warts growing on your face.

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