Pathetic Rainbow Six Siege Player Who Swatted Ubisoft Sentenced

A Rainbow Six Siege player who swatted Ubisoft’s Montreal office has been sentenced to three years of community service following his fake hostage situation report back in November 2020.

Siege Swatter Sentenced

As reported by Engadget, 22 year old Yanni Ouahioune made a fake call to the authorities about a fake hostage situation at Ubisoft’s Montreal offices back in 2020 with his reasoning about being banned more than 80 times from Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft’s Montreal offices were then hit with a team of heavily armed police until there was confirmed not to be an active threat. The hoaxer reportedly called from his parent’s home and used Russian servers to mask his identity with the equivalence of wearing a fake moustache. This week a Paris court ruled that Ouahioune was to serve three years of community service and is required to compensate the victims alongside undergoing treatment for a mental health problem. This ruling also takes into account his role in a DDoS attack against a French government office as well as threats against Minecraft Developers.

Only Three Years?

Three years of community service may seem weak for the damage that was caused to Ubisoft and its staff and I do believe this guy needs harsh punishment but there is a mental health problem at play. In a statement to La Presse, Ouahioune stated “Can you say that I am kindly asking the Ubisoft team to ‘unban’ my account please, I have put over $1,500 in cosmetic enhancements in my profile.” which is a key indicator for a problem. Ouahioune for some reason perceives Swatting as “kindly asking” plus has spent over $1500 on a less than $20 game which is not things someone who is mentally healthy would do. I hope that Ouahioune can get the help needed and pulls through with it.

Jakob Aylesbury

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