Patriot Displays Viper NVMe M.2 SSD at CES 2018

/ 2 weeks ago

CES2018 Patriot Viper NVMe Drive

Patriot has some interesting drives to show at CES 2018 and the first of them is the Viper NVMe M.2 solid state drive. The new Viper NVMe is a PCIe Gen 3.0 x4 NVMe drive in a standard 2280 M.2 form factor. It boasts impressive performance ratings as well as capacity options.

Patriot Viper M.2 NVMe SSD

The new Patriot Viper NVMe SSD is quite the monster. No, not in terms of how it looks or that it will scare you, but rather in the sense of the performance. This tiny little drive can deliver up to 3200 MB/s when reading and 3000MB/s when writing sequentially. It becomes even more impressive when we look at the random performance. Here the Viper NVMe M.2 drive is rated at 600K IOPS, and that is when reading as well as when writing. Now, that is fast!

There’s a Lot of Capacity

There is also a lot of capacity to get from the Viper M.2 SSD. The drive will be available as small as 240GB but also as large as 2TB. With that kind of capacity and performance, you get why I called it a monster. It truly is.

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CES2018 Patriot Viper NVMe specifications

Controller and NAND

It is currently unknown what kind of NAND the drive is utilizing. The drive hasn’t been officially listed yet. What we do know is that the drive is being run by a Phison E12 controller.

Pricing and Availability

This is a part where I sadly have to disappoint. We do not know when it will be available yet, nor do we know what prices the various capacity options will come in at. But stay tuned, we’ll be sure to update you once we know more. It will surely be something worth looking forward to and we’ll also try to get a review sample in. That’s a given.

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