Patriot P200 Series SSD Offer Cost Effective Option Up to 2TB

Patriot Memory is introducing their new P200 series solid state drives. These are drives meant as cost-effective alternatives to typical SATA SSD storage.

Patriot offers the P200 series in 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB capacities. Users can also expect speeds of up to 530MB/s sequential read and 460MB/s sequential write. 4K Aligned Random Read is up to 90K IOPs, while 4K Aligned Random Write is up to 80K IOPs.

What Kind of Controller Does the P200 Series Use?

Inside, the drive utilizes Silicon Motion‘s SMI 2258XT for the 256GB to 1TB sizes. Meanwhile the 2TB version uses a Maxio MAS0902A controller. The drive uses global wear leveling algorithm, auto-sleep/wake-up for power saving and has trim support. These Patriot SSDs have an MTBF of over 2,000,000 hours and has built-in power-on reset, voltage regulator as well as temp sensors.

How Much are These Patriot SSDs?

These are now available via with the 256GB starting at just $31.99. Meanwhile, the 512GB costs $49.99 and the 1TB version is only $87.99. Lastly, the 2TB version with the Maxio controller is only $189.99. So you basically have a per-GB cost of just $0.095!

You can also get it directly via Patriot Memory’s website. Although the prices are slightly higher than on Amazon. The 256GB version for example costs $34.99 and the 512GB version is listed at $57.99.

Ron Perillo

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