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Patriot Viper Black RGB 16GB DDR4 4133MHz Memory Review

Patriot Viper Black

The memory market is packed full of fantastic hardware these days. Quite honestly, you would have to look pretty damn hard to find a bad memory kit from any brand these days. Unless you’re wanting to push to extremes, and get good overclocking memory, almost any kit will do for most people. However, we’re not ones to shy away from the great stuff, and the new 4133MHz kit from Patriot has certainly gotten our attention.

The kit comes with two 8GB modules with an XMP profile for support for 4133MHz. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll actually get that speed, as there are limitations on each motherboard, chipset, CPU, and many others. However, the guarantee is that on some systems, the kit has been tested as capable of that speed in the best case scenario. It is best to check compatibility with your hardware ahead of time.


Of course, fast speeds aren’t the big selling points these days, as aesthetics are a big part of the market. This kit comes with five zone RGB lighting, with support for pretty much every major motherboard makers software. It’s also compatible with both AMD and Intel systems, making it appealing to quite a large part of the market.

  • 16GB DDR4 Dual Kit with two 8GB modules
  • Improved performance due to the unique aluminium covers
  • RGB backlight in five zones with freely customisable mode and colour*
  • XMP support
  • Compatible with AMD & Intel processors
  • Available in two versions – black & white


For in-depth specifications, please visit the official Patriot product page here.

What Patriot Had to Say

“Viper RGB Series are the most powerful memory modules in the Patriot product range. As the name suggests, this is a 16GB backlit Dual Kit memory module with a total working frequency of 4133MHz, which is also compatible with the latest AMD and Intel processors. The ingeniously designed aluminium heatshield is why the Viper RGB Series ranks among the best memory modules of its product class. The heatshield ensures first-rate heat dissipation, so your system will perform better even when running demanding programs and applications.” – Patriot Viper

Product Trailer

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