Patriot Viper VPR100 1TB M.2 NVMe RGB SSD

Pricing and Final Thoughts

The Viper VPR100 from Patriot will set you back $174.99 in the US while it costs £179.99 here in the UK. A bit more than other drives, but you also get a pretty fancy and RGB sync-able drive.

Final Thoughts

So, we’ve gotten to the point where I have to give my opinion on this product. You’ve seen the benchmarks on the previous pages, so it is that time. And let us start with the visual aspect, something which rarely is worth mentioning for SSDs. However, with this drive, it’s something else as it is part of this drive’s appeal.

The RGB lighting, which is sync-able with all major vendors, you can get another part of your system to light up with your loved RGB. I’m personally split when it comes to RGB. I love how it looks, but it’s too distracting for me to have turned on. That said, the Viper VPR100 from Patriot looks stunning with its lighting. I really like it.

With such a feature, the drive comes with a premium price when you compare it to other drives with the same capacity. That means that you have to make up your mind whether it is worth it to you to pay a little extra for this feature. After all, it won’t get faster. In fact, it can get slower when the Lighting Sync function is enabled. Without sync, it still looks great and there’s no performance impact. Again, you have to make up your mind whether it’s worth it or not.

Speaking of performance, the Viper VPR100 didn’t score any record-breaking numbers in our tests, but it didn’t do bad either. It came in with solid numbers in all tests. And yes, sure, you can get faster drives, but they don’t have this awesome RGB!

Should I Purchase One?

Are you going for that full RGB-enabled system which will blow people’s minds when they see it? Then yes, definitely get the Viper VPR100. It looks great, performs solidly, and is backed by a good warranty.


  • Amazing looks
  • RGB Sync with ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI
  • 5-year Warranty and good TBW rating
  • Solid performance
  • External thermal sensor


  • Not as fast as some other drives tested
  • RGB Sync can cost performance when enabled

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Bohs Hansen

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