Would You Pay £6899 for an Ethernet Cable?

/ 2 years ago


Making a mockery of the “enthusiast” market has been a thing for as long as I can remember. From HDMI cables that cost hundreds of pounds, to speaker wire that makes promises so grand, it may as well be forged from unicorn horns. Standard cables are perfectly fine, typically the only time you’ll need a slightly more expensive cable is if you’re installing them into walls, where you want the cable to be more durable. So what about ethernet cables? How much should you be spending on one of those?

If you want “The Diamond” cable from AudioQuest, you can expect to pay £6899.00 for a 12m cable that comes with a 5 year warranty!

“The Diamond is a top-grade Ethernet Cable which is the result of a lifetime’s research by AudioQuest made from the very best materials available. This really is a ‘money no object’ cable for the dedicated Hi-Fi enthusiast that has extended into a world of digital audio sources.” – audiovisualonline

That’s about as much as I’m going to humour that affront to technology, as RJ45 signals are digital and unless you’re stringing together a bunch of rusty coat hangers to make your cables, a standard £9.98 20m Cat6 from OCUK will do the job nicely, especially with 8m of extra cable and a total saving of £6889.02!

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I wonder if anyone has bought one…

What’s the most you would pay for a 12m RJ45 cable?

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  • mojo

    Most I’d pay is about $8. Monoprice FTW.

  • At Least it looks damn sexy xD

  • Hollif50

    But this ethernet cable is marinated for 24 hours in the cunny juice of 18 year old virgins !!! That makes it better!

  • Perfectjake

    Who cares what its made from. How does it compare to standard cables? For that price it should make the internet!

  • Cipri Rengle

    I paid about 1,5 USD for a 30ft cable with connectors. Here’s a complete list (Romanian): http://bit.ly/1ESzK0n

  • Neil Fedder

    llike they say…there’s a sucker born every minute

  • wilsonjonathan

    Seriously… for that amount of money I could by enough cable to wire up my home town, including the tools and connectors. There really are mugs born every fekin minute.

  • ComputerMD82

    Cat 7, 50ft (15.25m), under $20. Can’t beat it. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812422577

  • paul campbell

    this is how the money from the wealthy gets back in to pockets of people further down the food chain,

    • Hetneo

      Just dream about it, poor sod who made that cable was paid no more than 10 quids per cable.

  • Soddam Inssein

    I bought 2 100m cables for less than £20 from Amazon years ago. Still using them.

    • In relation to your picture “You…mugged yourself”… “Yeap, and made a fiver out of it!”

  • Amit Roy

    I can get any length of RJ45 cable for free from my office!

  • Hetneo

    Well, you forgot to mention it is with pure silver conduits, opposed to paltry copper used by commoners.


    get yours from CPC Farrell , made to measure lengths at even cheaper rates

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