PayPal Holding Out On Skullgirls Developer

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In a surprising fundraiser that saw over $800,000 being contributed to Lab Zero Games so they could develop more Skullgirls content has now gone sour. Most of the contributions made via their IndieGoGo were sent with PayPal and now PayPal is currently withholding their money for some odd reason. They wanted Lab Zero to still go through with the development of the new characters, levels and content, even though they have now frozen their account, which is just something insane to expect them to do.

Now let’s talk about the odd reason that they’ve done this. The backers that pledged have threatened to pull their PayPal payments because… Quite simply put, they are dumb. So just in case you aren’t familiar with the IndieGoGo project, Lab Zero Games were asking $100,000 to add 1 new character in the fighting game Skullgirls. They had a vote for which new character would be implemented, and even had additional votes for more stuff since they received 8 times the money. Now the people who backed the project and voted on characters who didn’t get in, are being salty.

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I don’t get why the backers would even have the option to do this. This shouldn’t be Lab Zero Games’ problem, this should be something PayPal is dealing with. There’s no real reason to get your money back in this situation, this isn’t something you were tricked into buying or something was wrong with it. This wasn’t an eBay purchase, this was people giving away money.

Anyways, some good news did sneak out towards the end, the developers now have access to their PayPal but $35,000 is still being held as “collateral”, whatever that means.

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