PayPal Refuses to Refund Twitch Troll Who Donated $50,000

/ 1 year ago


Twitch has become incredibly popular in recent years and given a platform for certain streamers to earn a living via donations and sponsorship. Clearly, whenever individuals are in the public eye, they can receive trolling in various different forms. Unbelievably, one user who goes by the name of iNexus_Ninja decided to donate vast sums of money to various Twitch streamers ranging from $1,000 all the way up to $5,000. According to a NeoGaf thread, this person donated at least $50,000 and apparently comes from a very wealthy family. Judging by his Twitter account, the 18-year-old appears to have a very casual attitude towards spending thousands of dollars. Even more absurd, his masterplan involved donating the money, then waiting a month before demanding a chargeback via PayPal.

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Clearly, he intended to make each streamer feel ecstatic before shocking them with the removal of funds. This is pretty disturbing and I cannot believe someone that young has access to so much money. Thankfully, Paypal delivered a very hard life lesson and refused to refund the money. This means, all the donations will remain with the streamers and now this spoilt child has lost at least $50,000 for his idiocy. Whether or not, this will help him to grow up and realise the importance of money remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting case and one which I doubt will happen again anytime soon.

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    Lol, what a dumb ass.

  • thekeemo

    Horrible person but cant but feel bad for him

    • yea but his family is rich anyway so he can afford it… his fault. at least someone rich goes down first so then anyone without money knows and therefore you cant feel sorry for them going in to debt if they know the risks now

      • Iosif “Joe” Stalin

        I wouldn’t feel sorry if someone middle class did that. Horrible intentions. Horrible Outcome

    • Andrew Ward

      He’s out to screw with people. That money might be peanuts to him but massive to those streamers, and all he intended to do was hurt them. I have no sympathy for him, in fact I think he should get charged a 10k cruelty tax.

  • LOL Awesome.

  • Chris

    All I hear is people claiming he did it on purpose, where does that came from, did he say so himself? First thing that came to my mind was; his dad saw the bill after a month and he got in trouble, so he tried to claim it back. Still he’s an idiot for spending money what he had to claim back, but his first intention might have been good.

    • Kiro

      Yes, he’s admitted to it. He’s an over-entitled little shit.

    • Brian Rewis

      They linked his Twitter, where he openly admits to this and adds laughing emotes.

      • Chris

        Didn’t check the Twitter link, thanks. Well done Paypal.

    • Even then, that would be his dad’s fault for letting his card get stolen…not the streamer’s fault. Paypal punishes the streamer with fees for the chargeback. After like one or two chargebacks for “my child took my card”, banks and such shouldn’t accept that excuse anymore.

      • Chris

        Ow I fully agree if that was the case. I thought he might had some money to burn himself. So he spend his own money, gifting to streamers, then getting his ass whooped by his dad, that 50k is not something one should give to random people. And then him trying to get it back, so his dad would give him money again. But now I’ve seen his intentions were evil from the start, so hah, good for him.

      • JonRobin

        Odds have it that the card was not stolen. Most rich kids have their own bank cards with very large charge limits, if any limit at all.

    • Bhazor

      This happens all the time. Some guy goes on a boobie streamer stream donates $5k or whatever, jerks off to the girl going hysterical, then cancels the payment.

  • 12John34

    An 18 year old piece of sh it that thinks that money gives him the right to play with other people’s lives and feelings.

    • “lives and feelings” lmfao you sound pathetic as shit.

      • Seth Hoke

        Actually, you sound ‘pathetic as shit’.

        • Iosif “Joe” Stalin

          Lives and feelings, who needs that? LOL I HAVE THE INTERNET AND TOWN OF SALEM

        • Nah. :3

      • 12John34

        Everyone has the right to be an as$, I guess. But you seem to enjoy it.

        • Why do something you don’t enjoy? That literally makes no sense. I legitimately would like to know why you’d do something you don’t enjoy. That’s the wrong way to go through life, friend.

      • Harry Cunningham

        Goes by the name of “Rammstein”, accuses people of being “pathetic as shit”… “angsty” teenager detected!

        • prince_david

          probably in his 30s now, an edgey teenager that never grew up living in his parents basement

        • >Has zero argument, thus decides to nitpick about usernames.

          OK Harry the horse. *thumbs up emoji*

    • PeT


    • Wait… an 18-year-old has poor impulse control and little empathy? STOP THE PRESSES.

      • 12John34

        Most 18 years old kids don’t show poor impulse control and little empathy. And you don’t have to be 18 to show poor impulse control and little empathy. In the end actions like this, show who you are. Not your age. Who YOU are. You want to find excuses? It’s your right. Who knows. Maybe you loved to show poor impulse control and little empathy when you where 18.

        • I’m sorry… this comment contains too many errors in reasoning of too fundamental a nature to merit a more thoughtful reply. For more information, please search the web for “logical fallacies” for articles to help you spot the five glaring fallacies you have employed here. I find it impressive that you managed to make five glaring errors in reasoning in such a concise comment.

          • 12John34

            I can’t find any reasoning in your first post. Your new post is just full of arrogance in an attempt to avoid the subject.

          • You’re beyond help, but for the benefit of thoughtful onlookers…

            1. Saying “Most 18-year-olds don’t show poor impulse control…” doesn’t refute the opinion “I’m not surprised that an 18-year-old…”. “Most don’t” means that up to half do, and if only 49% (hell–even 20%!) of a population has a property, then that the property is still not surprising. So your claim and my opinion are perfectly mutually consistent.

            2. “You don’t have to be 18…” also doesn’t refute my opinion. This is one of the most common of the basic reasoning errors: that A leads to C somehow means that not(A) can’t also lead to C. It’s possible for both to be true at the same time!

            3. “actions like this show who you are” is impressively empty circular reasoning (“who you are is what you do, so what do you shows who you are”).

            4. “You want to find excuses?” assumes that explaining behavior means excusing or condoning it. I do neither; it merely doesn’t surprise me and therefore doesn’t rank as particularly noteworthy.

            5. “Maybe YOU loved…” is a plain, old-fashioned, pointless, spineless, silly personal attack. This is, however, a comments section, so I’m not surprised. (By the way, my lack of surprise does not imply that I excuse nor condone your lazy thinking, in case I didn’t manage to make that point clearly enough earlier in this comment.)

            Also, the reasoning in my first comment relates to the common notion in neurological studies related to the development of the prefrontal cortex in young people. I found after searching the web for about 7 seconds. Of course, one web search isn’t enough to validate my opinion, but I offer it as an example of how easily one could look this up if one tried.

            Next, you confused contempt with arrogance. One can have contempt for your lazy thinking without having excessive pride in oneself. On the contrary, one can be downright humble about one’s own abilities while deriding others for their pathetic lack of effort. You can do better.

            Finally, I never avoided “the subject”. It doesn’t surprise me that a young person with access to a large sum of money and the internet used these tools to attempt to defraud others, due to a variety of factors, including poor impulse control (prefrontal cortex development) and lack of empathy (privilege). I would guess that the safety of anonymity or distance probably contributed to this person’s willingness to actually do this, rather than having the idea simply flash through their mind briefly before dismissing it. I honestly can’t see what’s controversial about this: it’s just not surprising. It’s a shame, but not it’s just not surprising.

          • 12John34

            1) You missed your sarcasm in your first post. STOP THE PRESSES. Seeing people supporting one opinion and jumping into the conversation with sarcasm pointing at that opinion, does show what you happily expressed in your second post. Arrogance. And yes, that sarcasm also points to a specific opinion, so don’t try to play it objective.
            2) “basic reasoning errors”. I have to say that I am honored to have a conversation with someone with superior thinking.

            Well, OK, I like sarcasm too, some times at least. Anyway, still trying to make your post look neutral? Don’t use sarcasm in the first place. It will be easier latter to explain yourself.

            3) Empty reasoning? One more attempt to downgrade the other person’s thinking? Well, this is the easy way to avoid someones arguments. You just dismiss them.
            4) No, you didn’t just explained the behavior of that kid. By using sarcasm you gave a specific tone to your post. You clearly justified that kids action. I don’t know if “justified” is the correct word in English, or a little strong. But next time people are talking about someone’s behavior, try your first post to be less colorful.

            5) Guess what you are doing from your first post here. First post you try to ridicule other’s opinion, then you try to discredit it and third post you start it with a direct personal attack. And I am happy about your 5th point in this post. Just look at your first post here, and then look at this number 5 point. Do you see the difference in your attitude? I think you do. Admitting it? No. Not in a million. Someone who puts his way of thinking much higher than the “basic” level, will never admit something like that.

            The next paragraph should be included in a book about narcissism. It would only take 7 seconds to copy and paste it in the “Examples of narcissistic behavior” section of that book.

            Oh, arrogance again. You lazy thinking. Me superior thinking. Yes I got that the first time. Thank you.

            With all those killings happening every day it wouldn’t surprise me either to open my TV and see that the news are talking about a new murder. But if I see this subject discussed online, with people writing negative comments about the murderer, I would not jump into that conversation with a post full of sarcasm targeting those negative comments because of their lazy thinking. I would have agreed with you if you had just posted that last paragraph. But I guess you had first to explain to me in every way possible how lazy my thinking is, before you calm down and write an opinion less colorful, with no sarcasm and no arrogance.

          • You made a few incorrect snap judgments about my intentions, but once you stripped that away, you agreed with me. You added a bunch of assumptions of your own–ones that I did not make–but once you got past them, you understood me.

            You even did it again in this last reply. Pointing out a mistake is not narcissism or a superiority complex. Mistakes happen. I make them; you make them. If, however, you are going to correct someone, you should probably work harder to be correct in your correction. This is a principle that I wish we all lived by.

            “STOP THE PRESSES.” is really just a colorful way of saying “What else is new?” There is absolutely nothing in this that excuses nor condones the action. Yes, it is sarcastic, but in the end, that’s all it means. I could have said “Big fucking surprise!” or “…and this is news to you?” and I would have meant the same thing by it. Sarcasm is merely an expression of the opposite of what one means for humorous effect, “often to emphasize how unbelievable or unlikely it sounds if taken literally, thereby illustrating the obvious nature of one’s intended meaning”. See

            …but I guess you had first to tell me what a horrible human being I am before you calm down and consider that you might agree with what I’m saying and write a reply less judgmental, with no extra, unwarranted assumptions and knee-jerk reactions.

            (Just to be clear, yes, I met your personal attacks with personal attacks. It’s called “mocking” and you deserved it for your total unwillingness to take a fucking breath and ask a fucking question before assuming that I would EXCUSE or CONDONE this kind of absolutely reprehensible behavior. Fuck you again, just for that. I expected a much more personal attack for correcting someone who incorrectly corrected the article’s spelling of “realise”, but you’ve demonstrated Wiio’s Laws to perfection here.

          • 12John34

            I didn’t agreed with your attitude. I didn’t agreed with the way you commented in the beginning. But as I said. Not in a million. Don’t take my last sentence and make it look like I was agreeing with you from your first post. I wasn’t. You changed your attitude in the conversation. Damn. Does anyone gives you credit in real life, or all realized by now that it will backfire?

            You started with sarcasm, continued pointing all over the directions how lazy my thinking is, and then in that last paragraph you decided that you probably ought to give a more calm reply. I gave you credit for that, now you base all your post on that to make it look like I was the problem here. Nice one.

            And,…. take a breath? Ask a question? Is that what you did with your first posts? I have to say I missed that. I am going to say it again. NOT IN A MILLION. And you can continue saying to me to go and F, because you are completely calm. LOL. Starts with sarcasm, continues with personal attacks, ends feeling offended. Yes, yes of course. You are the victim here.

            PS A little advice. Stop giving links to others to read, start giving links to yourself to read.

          • I keep telling you that you are making unfounded assumptions about me, but you keep doing it. Do you just not care? Is there not enough in what I *actually say* that you feel the need to invent what I must be thinking? That’s part the lazy thinking I’m talking about. It’s easy to assume the worst in people, but asking questions and challenging your knee-jerk reactions takes work. (And no, this is not superiority; this is frustrated resignation. We all can do better.)

            I’ve been calm the whole time. (Annoyed, certainly, but calm.) I stand by my sarcasm. You don’t have to like the sarcasm; I don’t mind. I didn’t change my attitude; I have had the same attitude throughout.

            Read my original comment one more time with a falling tone of voice. Pretend that your favorite pet just died and read it out loud. Some of us call that “commiserating”. Did you ever consider that interpretation for a moment?

            You have demonstrated to me an inability to reason and an unwillingness to consider that your snap judgments are wrong. I don’t understand why you have replied with such strong emotion to the statement “This doesn’t surprise me”, even though I expressed it using sarcasm. From the very beginning you’ve reacted as though I had attacked you personally, and I don’t understand the reason for that. (I mean, I can understand feeling personally attacked, but that’s part of the laziness: I never said anything to attack you; you assumed it, and it was the easiest and therefore laziest conclusion to reach.) I can only guess that, for reasons that are your own, you very strongly hate sarcasm. I don’t know what to tell you. That sucks, and I’m sorry, but you are probably going to have to deal with sarcasm if you’re going to live in this society we share.

            Now let’s be clear: I have attacked your *inability to reason*, because you have *overtly demonstrated it at least a dozen times* in this exchange. (This is common on the internet, so it doesn’t shock me, but it does tire me.) *You*, however, began attacking my *moral sense* based on nothing but your own (incorrect, I keep telling you) interpretation of and over-reaction to TWO SENTENCES. I, at least, had the courtesy of waiting to see some EVIDENCE of your lazy thinking before I accused you of it. You STILL don’t seem to understand that explaining behavior is neither excusing nor condoning it. You STILL don’t seem to understand that there might be more than one way to interpret my original comment. You STILL don’t seem to understand that you’ve repeatedly created a straw man version of me in your mind to yell at, projecting all kinds of wild assumptions about my state of mind that simply are not there. You have a choice: open yourself up to the possibility that you have got some of this wrong or don’t.

            I don’t understand why you reacted so strongly to my original comment. I just don’t. I don’t consider my original comment controversial at all. You are the one who decided that it means that I excuse what this person has done, based on NOTHING but some extreme dislike of sarcasm. If you had even stopped yourself from saying, “You want to find excuses? It’s your right. Who knows. Maybe you loved to show poor impulse control and little empathy when you where 18.” then we could have kept this about your wild, ridiculous, illogical conclusions, rather than about the fact that you decided that I’m a monster on the sole basis that you didn’t like my sarcasm and couldn’t think of a second way to interpret it.

            And, OF COURSE I read every word of every link I sent you before I sent it to you, because I care about arguing fairly, even when I don’t agree with people–ESPECIALLY when I don’t agree with people. That’s the time to watch one’s argument most carefully: I’d hate to give you a reason to twist my words or easily dismiss something I say, especially since you’ve already demonstrated such an aptitude for inventing what I “must be thinking” out of thin air. I have certainly at times assumed that your reasoning was lazy or that you were stupid (at first I assumed only the first–and hey, we all have bad days, but now I’m starting to believe the second, too, as this exchange continues), but NEVER FOR A MOMENT did I assume that you must be immoral or uncaring. (You know, I gave you the benefit of the doubt.) And certainly not on the basis of TWO SENTENCES. If you can’t see the difference there, then give it some thought, because I see a HUGE difference there.

          • 12John34

            I am making assumption with my lazy basic thinking. If you only could read what you wright. OK, OK I can understand your perspective, trying to educate the lazy basic mind, but he is so stupid, it’s completely pointless. Oh, wait. I am doing it again right? Unfounded assumption about you. I wonder what parts of your posts make me think that. No I shouldn’t be doing that. Only you can do that. Right? Never mind. I am stupid. The end. Be happy.

  • Brian Rewis

    These people need to be arrested and charged with fraud or theft. This is not done as a joke, it is an intentional dick move to cause someone else to lose money. When Paypal does these chargebacks they charge the streamer a percentage for that chargeback. So thousands in donations that are charged back cost the streamer hundreds in fees.

  • Brian L Vanhardenberg

    Gotcha! -Paypal

  • David Thurber

    Last paragraph, Line 4: realise should be realize. Other than that, short and to the point. For most, that would be quite the wake up call but, I doubt that this young adult will get it.

    • cimmo
      • David Thurber

        I stand corrected. Thank you very much, Cimmo. I was unaware of that.

    • Peter Ck

      Nope – realiSe is the proper ENGLISH spelling 😉

    • Calvin Smith

      Not everyone is American.

      • David Thurber

        You are absolutely right.

    • Dalisu

      Pretty sure your mispelling that. Its “real eyes”.

      • The Fox on the Rocks

        how can our realise be real if our eyes aren’t real…

        -jaden smith

    • Wolf

      “realise” is also correct. American English uses “ize” where most English speaking countries outside North America, including England where the language was created, tend to use “ise”.

      • David Thurber

        So I was kindly informed by another reader, thank you.

    • Also, spoilt isn’t a word, it’s spoiled.

      • Luke Holland

        Spoilt and spoiled are both correct in british english. Realise is also the british spelling of realize.

      • Harry Cunningham

        *Sigh*…. so fed up with Americans correcting already correct English…

        • bobthenob

          americans are so fucking dumb

          • Papayaman1000

            Yes we are. Canada must be a fabulous place to live, considering most of the anti-vaxxers stay south of the border.

      • Hillshift

        Try opening a new tab and google searching it…fuck, it takes 10 seconds and you don’t look like a pompous moron. I thought the same thing, it must be the “queen’s English” or some retarded shit.

      • “ahaweiubawckuerh” is a word if you use it as a word, because that is how language works.

      • bobthenob


    • grumpytrooper

      no it shouldn’t, realise is the correct way to spell it in the UK, just because Americans spell it differently does not make it the world wide version. We spell a lot of words differently, for example, you would spell colour as “color”.

      • David Thurber

        As I was kindly informed by another reader, thank you.

        • grumpytrooper

          Oh yes so you were , apologies for the needless post.

    • profilerino

      youre an idiot, and im not american or british

      • bobthenob

        you an aussie?

    • Harry Cunningham

      “Realise” is English.”Realize” is what Americans pass off as English. Our language, our rules.

      • Seth Moyer

        Did you know that imperialism is over now and you don’t own America, Malaysia, and not even any African countries anymore?

      • Please stay up to date with “your” rules, then. Even the OED shows a preference for the Greek-rooted “-ize” suffix in recent years.

        Rule 1 of correcting others’ language use: either be damn sure you’re right or argue only for preference.

        Note: I’m not from the US, so don’t bother with the obvious personal attack defence. Thanks.

      • bobthenob

        “our language” it’s not “your” language it’s the English language, america just changed some shit up, in my opinion i don’t give a fuck how anyone spells their shitty words, well i’m out to ride my kangaroo to work.

  • nerys

    not a hard lesson at all. anyone who CAN spend that much money won’t MISS that much money. the only lesson he will get it that he does not get to get his rocks off screwing with those folks. not much of a lesson for a little shit like that.

  • krooked


    • Tim

      Nope, just need to be altered. The alerts promote legit payments, the issue is with the size of the donation/tip. Small channels shouldn’t display anything over $100, large channels need to limit at $250. Anything over those amounts are likely fake.

  • krooked


    • kris s

      let me guess, women don’t like you very much? Hard to see why sarc/
      That, or you’re twelve.

      • krooked

        Your mom liked me enough.

        • Jack Kelly

          You are correct, in fact his mother saved your life last night. She killed a shit eating dog.

        • hmm

          she says thanks for the cookies

      • Arkancelo Autore

        Are you at home tonight? The Special Children’s Award for Literary Works on the Internet is dispatched to your home for your astounding, unbounded, most unoriginal snowclone of a comeback and most importantly for your eternal mediocrity.

      • Barelitt

        I’ll just give you my point of view on this.

        I like women a lot. I like boobs a lot. I am way older than twelve.

        However, turning Twitch into a semi-camwhore site is not a good idea.
        If you want to look at women whoring themselves out, just go to a cam-site.
        If you want to donate money to women and ask to see their boobs, go to a cam-site.

        Do you honestly feel that people like Kaceytron, Legendarylea, Raihnbowkidz, Pink_Sparkles etc add anything useful to a GAMING site?

        If I go to Twitch, I want to watch GAMING content.
        There are tons of porn-sites and cam-sites I can go to if I just want to stare at boobs.

      • Starcube


      • Helmic

        Careful there, you might make someone mad on the Internet about shit that doesn’t concern them.

      • Nova

        Oh he’s not twelve, probably more like 17. Twelve year olds do not have a long enough history of being rejected for their abhorrent behavior to trigger this d-bro’s level of entitled, impotent, rage.

  • FreeSteamKeys

    I almost started reading this article when I realized how much work I need to do and that I once again somehow managed to go from work to procrastinating without even realizing it. Good job I caught myself lol. By the way, if you are also having problems with procrastination and can never get yourself to get to work, I highly recommend doing small tasks that only take a few minutes straight away, without delays and applying procrastination bulldozer method. It’s the only thing that works for me. Right, back to work.

    • bryan

      Good thing you posted a useless comment on an article you “didn’t read”. I’m sure that was way more productive than that work you were talking about.

      • Some Guy

        That’s a spammer.

      • hmm

        and you got spam-trolled rofl

  • Linda Glocke

    People under 21 should not be allowed to spend money online.

    • Bolinda Bloke

      People with such ignorance should not be allowed anywhere near a computer… alas

      • hmm

        nice troll 15/10

    • Malcha

      Are you insane?

      This means most college students couldn’t even order their textbooks online. That’s moronic.

    • bobthenob

      don’t be a fucking idiot, i wouldn’t be able to get my university textbooks online.

  • oaky

    Why the hell are the links all using google translate?

  • Nova

    “it’s an interesting case and one which I doubt will happen again anytime soon.” This happens *constantly* on Twitch, especially to women. It’s common for entitled douche-bros to donate money to a woman’s Twitch, then demand she “show her tits” or other bullshit, arguing that she “owes him” b/c of the donation.

    • Josh Marren

      I’m not in anyway agreeing with the douche bags but in my experience every woman I have come across on twitch uses sex to gain an audience, so the blame is not one sided here.

      • hmm

        another case of “It’s not my fault that I raped her!”

        • Josh Marren

          Wow that’s a terrible thing to say. You’re the problem.

          • Marmotte Desormiers Bourdeau

            “Hmm” just took your statement to its logical extreme, proving that your comment is trash.

            So what if a number of women use sex appeal to gain an audience? How does that allow you to put the blame on them? You imply a number of different, terrible things that deserve to be dumped in the trash where it belongs.

          • Carolus Augustus

            “So what if a number of women use sex appeal to gain an audience?”

            Then they depend on the same type of society you just said should be in the trash to begin with, you self-righteous internet savant. The very CONCEPT of attracting an audience based on sex appeal REQUIRES a sex hungry society to even work, so while in your feminist utopia women could rub their breasts all over the screen while viewers would only pay attention to their Mario skills, in the real world they do that solely because they know it works to attract the same sex hungry men created by the same sexist society they later complain about. It’s called hypocrisy.

            If you use your fucking breasts to advertise your product then that’s what your audience is going to be mostly interested in. So yes, they are also to blame, whether you like it or not, because people who depend on their cleavage to be popular instead of their own unique skills not only fuel the sexist society you’re so eager to complain about, they also profit from it.

          • Jessica Yumiko

            Well someone just commented “rape” on a thread about “show me your tits”, and after reading this comment I think feminists were actually right. You CAN in fact rape with just words.

          • isochronous

            Uh huh. So what you’re saying is that if a girl tries to increase her viewership by looking good, then people who donate to her have the right to demand she expose herself to them? Does your mom know what kind of person you are?

      • isochronous

        Yes, yes it is. It doesn’t matter if a woman uses sex appeal to attract viewers, she still owes them exactly NOTHING in return for donations, unless she has a big sign that says “WILL SHOW TITS IN EXCHANGE FOR MONETARY DONATIONS.” Considering I’ve yet to see a twitch streamer with a sign like that, I’m gonna say that if some shithead wants to see tits, he should work on not being a shithead rather than trying to guilt random girls on the internet into exposing themselves in exchange for a VOLUNTARY DONATION. Christ, the very WORD donation means that you don’t expect to receive anything in exchange.

    • Jad

      Yes… we get it. You are a vegan vaping feminist.

      • Nova

        I’m not sure which is funnier. Your attempt at trolling, or that I’m eating med-rare steak while reading your comment 🙂 Anyway, it sounds like you recognize your own behavior and are lashing out to ease your discomfort.

        • Mehdi Cheniti


      • Erik Denning

        Dummy up fat boy. You’re begging for the barrel room.

    • bobthenob

      we get it, you’re racial feminist scum

      • Nova

        Hi sock-puppet!

      • isochronous

        we get it, you’re still mad about your micropenis

      • Erik Denning

        Racial feminist? You need new glasses. Or, more likely, you’re a stupid shithead who fears women and likes to talk about race when no one else is.

  • Orumus

    In my experience you only learn to appreciate money when you have had to work for it. I doubt this will teach this person anything.

    • Tim

      50k loss should result in his parents cutting him off, thus he’ll have to start working for it.

      • AlessandroTheCynical

        If he rolls out 50k so casually i doubt his shitty parents will cut him off from anything, little shits like this deserve to get shot

    • al

      I should think he will learn “something” probably two things. Don’t mess with money because its gone quicker than you know, unless you are working for it. The second being, give to people who don’t value your price as “a year worth of macdonalds” smfh.

      • Orumus

        I hope you’re right. I am glad Paypal didn’t refund him. But I have a feeling that a kid who can through around $50k like that and then wait a whole month before trying to charge back has parents who wont give a crap and he will just continue to get his kicks from screwing though less fortunate in some other way. The good news is he appears to not be that bright so whatever he tried will most likely backfire again.

  • Zero Star

    This 18 year old thought he was the next Nigerian prince!

  • hmm

    troll on twitch and get poor cunt :))))))))))))))))))))))

    • Erik Denning

      Hahahahaha!! OMG!! “Poor cunt!” Holy shit. I can’t stop laughing! Thank you friend. You have made my day and given me something very funny to share with me friends. Poor cunt. LMAO. OH MAN….

  • Dean Eaketts

    Well, He is now definitely bankrupt

  • lilmoomoo

    There goes one person’s worth of college education

    • trisk

      don’t worry it’ll just be one year’s worth by next year


      • lilmoomoo

        Good point.

  • Nah, people like this will never learn. Being born in such privilege and never needing to know hardship, you don’t learn shit.

    • This is true. The fact he can drop $15,000 in one stream in a matter of minutes shows the money is there to begin with (even if it does take a day or two, you can’t donate money you don’t have in your bank or on your card).

      Chances are he’s a rich daddy’s boy who’s just given unlimited funds so his rich parents can be rid of him while they do whatever they do.

  • derek

    LOL idiot

  • Wh0_Is_J0hn_Galt

    Even though Payapl refused the chargeback whoever this “nexasninja” is can just do a visa / mastercard chargeback and they will rip the money out of Paypal, although Paypal will close the account but I doubt the troll cares.

    • isochronous

      That’s assuming it wasn’t funded from a bank account, which is the preferred payment source for paypal transactions.

    • ratytang05

      no, when charging that much through paypal, paypal takes it instantly, only small amounts i think under $800 i could be wrong can take up to 4 days, anything higher will make you use your card, so the money will be gone, he could try make a dispute with his bank to try get it back but im pretty sure they will see it the same way paypal did

      • Eagleeye595

        You can still call it fraud with your credit card company. It will be a long process, but in Canada at least you are protected for any transaction that is not made in person (IE online) again it will be a very long and complicated process and seeing as he looks like a minor the credit card will refund it. but its still not coming out of streamers pocket at least.

    • Eagleeye595

      Yes this is true. but at least the POS got what he deserved. Personally i would pay that money to a few people i know to track him down, and give him a nice work out make it public and advertise what can happen when you fuck with other peoples livelihood.

  • Spiritoftruth

    When will you learn mankind money is the mark of the beast, you all went to Hell in near future because of it, your love of Mammon is why you suffered Hellfire before ever seeing the light of kingdom of God. We warned you through prophets about this world and loving the things in it and that is was a trap and has consequences but you did not listen your pride and greed overtook you, you are considered evil by the higher dimensions of the universe few of you will stand the coming day of burning, for who is righteous to stand before the Son of man.

    • Biteme

      Give me all of your money if you don’t want it then, besides giving it to me will make you a much more charitable person and closer to god… and know that if you did, you may even inspire people… so how about it? wanna be a hypocrite who spews the word of god and completly goes against everything he says or actually practise what you preach?

      • Spiritoftruth

        What is spoken by me is my way, it would serve you no good to do as you ask only to condemn your further, fact you ask in way you did only proves the point that Mammon has peoples heart. Go now and let go of 90% of what you own unto those most in need, the holy-spirit will show you who, do this and you are on the path of salvation. Let go of the chains of Mammon that bind your heart and soul, before time runs out.

        • Biteme

          Let go of the chains of religion and the ideals of people long dead who used your religion for nothing more than to keep power over others before it’s too late and you die living a sad, meaningless life wasted on nothing but lies and ill-intent. Unlike you, i live my life happy with family and those i love, I make sure their lives are meaningful and cared for. I do not shove someone else’s ideals into those I love in an attempt to ruin their lives.

          • Spiritoftruth

            The chains are upon the unbelieving and hypocrites in the world that is most of society, most of mankind is bound for Hades. All must repent and turn to Christ that they may be saved before the final day.

          • Biteme

            Yet the burden of proof lies upon the positive claim. You make the positive claim, you bring the concrete proof. Otherwise you cannot fault anyone for not believing. It is the logical response to anything. You sadly was brainwashed as a child and now know no other life than preaching and believing in unproven deities.

            If a god is truly omnipotent, then he should be able to understand AND forgive any kind of misbelief. Besides, many gods has existed before yours and after yours. I am sorry, but your god is just another member of a fantasy-pantheon.
            The story of jesus and the supposed time he was supposed to be alive, is a near-exact replica of the story of Ra the sun god. the inventors of your crazy book weren’t even original.

          • Spiritoftruth

            The rules are not proof can be given as faith is only way out of the matrix, therefore souls must have faith and choose to change for good than to know God exists and change, proof comes at death sadly when people see Hades in most cases almost all. When God is revealed to world all things burn up by the presence of the Light, it is appointed for the final day not before and mankind before that day is ruled first by Antichrist and deceived and reap consequences of their evils throughout the generations.

          • Biteme

            I feel sorry for you, i genuinely do… you might’ve been a wonderfully smart person with a bright future as a kid, but your parents brought you up in a strictly religious household, held you from being a child and a human with the intention of having you live the same miserable life they had. your people have called out the end of the world times and times over since the early 1000’s Even people who said god told them that the end was near has been wrong time and time again… But then again, it is so easy to just blame the devil when you’re wrong to avoid any form of adversity… it is the most immature and rediculous excuses… You read up verses from a book centuries old which took words straight out of other holy books and meshed the stories together to make up a new story…

            Hopefully your children or your children’s children will divert from your cult so that the rest of your family in the future can look back and shudder at the horror that was you and those that came before you.

            a little story from a country that i used to live in: A settler came up to a man and asked him “Greetings friend, do you know the word of god?” the man said “No? What is god?” the settler then told him of god, all the good and bad, hell and heaven and how to live to achieve a place in heaven. The man then asked the settler “But what about those that came before me? Do they not have a place in heaven as they never knew of god?” the settler then smiled and explained, resting a palm upon the man’s shoulder “Of course they do, god is great and forgiving and enlightens those that never knew of him in death” the man then said “Then why did you tell me about god?”

            Take out of that story what you will, but in my mind that makes god evil, no god is good as long as he condemns knowledge. and a god is not good, loving or forgiving if he condemns those that share love with others.

            I am aware that you won’t read the entire thing i’m writing to you, but I know that you will respond to me like a robot or a dog speaking in programmed lines or lines taught over years and years of mental beatings.

            I pity you.

          • Spiritoftruth

            You should be more concerned about what going to occur to you when you die, for Hades is were you currently will end up. You do not know me nor my spiritual state or my knowledge and understanding, when you know who I truly am you will feel ashamed but also grateful for being lifted out of Hades. But unless you repent and turn to righteousness you will suffer in Hades before can be resurrected and given another chance, this is simply how it is for many is there choice to live in sin in pride and not believe in us.

            The atonement only works if people choose it, those who deny our existence have no forgiveness because they never asked. Heaven is not what comes at death, Heaven is a future time and is beyond the Sun another existence not of this universe, mankind will not enter it until after the Millennial. And there is layers so not all will gain same level as others, but people will be treated equally even by those of higher densitys.

          • Proud Amelekite

            Honestly, I think he is quite interesting. He has done something that not many of his kind have done – he has taken a novel approach towards his faith and made it new somehow. I am not saying this makes him right but it does make him more interesting. The concept of temporary punishment in the afterlife, multiple resurrections, calling hell Hades, and so on is very different from the standard Evangelical fare I have come to deal with on and off line.

          • Proud Amelekite

            Interesting system. How long do the gays have to languish in Hades before they repay the universe for being gay, out of curiosity?

          • Spiritoftruth

            All mankind is right now bound for Hades, and few will do what needed to be unbound before death. entering into death is the door to Hades unless intervention by angels, and only the truly righteous can have that intervention, it takes alot to avoid the underworld. Not entering death achieving transcendence is next to impossible for mankind but it shall be done by the Son of man was is and shall be. Only One broke open the Matrix first opening the way for the rest, but many got taken first due to their sins and rescued later, it just how it is sin belongs to the Devil he created it and decided it consequences, he used it as a trap to bind souls to Hades. Devil does not play fair and has cheated but eternal law shall allow justice in time, time is not same in Hades so speaking of how long a soul is in Hades is not right way to see it, they shall be trapped with the rest until the time of resurrection depending on which part of Hades they become trapped determines which resurrection they are part off.

          • Proud Amelekite

            There are different resurrections? I have never heard about that. Interesting.

          • Spiritoftruth

            Yes, there will be many resurrections. Each according to the plain they are bound for Hades has many layers, the first resurrection will include some who right now suffer in Hades of the upper level. The last resurrection is for those who commit the greatest of evils and fell the furthermost they will be given one final chance at the last judgement. Sadly some souls will become so overtaken in darkness that when before God in final judgement will still choose the Devil, that is the unforgivable sin and the final judgement. Those souls who reject the grace of God offering them the least of the kingdoms if would repent, will enter the Outer Darkness which is the true Eternal Hell worse than Hades, Lake and Abyss combined. It is worse than the Underworld, the Bottomless pit ‘Outer Darkness’. The atonement of Jesus Christ has altered eternal outcomes that a soul can no longer be taken to Outer Darkness except by choice, before the atonement of the Son of God, all souls were bound for eternal damnation trapped by the Draconian empire. The Millennial still contains work to be done for the salvation of the lost, those chosen who are first sealed will play a part in aiding those damned below.

    • Lac

      Retarded bigot religious retard.

      • Spiritoftruth

        Why speaketh ye as a hissing viper unto me, thou knows not what you do so is forgiven but must repent.

  • Lac

    I honestly doubt he learned hus lesson. He’s a spoiled little shit, rotten to the core. This won’t change his behaviour.