PayPal Wants You to Eat Your Passwords

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PayPal wants its users to abandon their lame passwords and start eating them instead. During a presentation called Kill All Passwords, PayPal’s Global Head of Developer Advocacy Jonathan LeBlanc said that the payment company wants user-generated security to become obsolete, replaced by biologically-integrated alternatives. PayPal even considers biometric security – such as iris scans or fingerprints – to be on the verge of becoming obsolete, branding them “antiquated”.

At the presentation, LeBlanc said, “As long as passwords remain the standard methods for identifying your users on the web, people will still continue to use ‘letmein’ or ‘password123’ for their secure login, and will continue to be shocked when their accounts become compromised.”

LeBlanc added that he is working with engineers and developers to find a more secure alternative that can be stored within the body – as LeBlanc puts it, “true integration with the human body” – which includes injectable, embeddable, and even ingestible devices.

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The firm is experimenting with devices that can be inserted into the body, the most notable of which is a tiny aid that can be swallowed with a battery that is powered by stomach acid, that works in conjunction with measurable bodily functions, such as heatbeat and vein pattern recognition.

Though the technology is work-in-progress, LeBlanc says that PayPal has no timeframe for its implementation.

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