PC Builder Beaten and Robbed of $700 Graphics Card

Couple Wanted for Assault and Robbery

Two 24 year olds are wanted in a recent beating and robbery in San Bernardino, California. Unlike other robberies however, the couple was after a graphics card the victim was selling online.

The seller, Dustin Fritzsche arranged to complete the sale Monday at his workplace, Step Ahead Computers. He even had the ok from his boss to do the transaction and meet the buyer in-store.

The buyer Mark Khalil Kilby, sent his girlfriend Elisabeth Henery to pick-up the item for him. Although, he bought an item from Fritzsche previously, gaining his trust. Upon arriving at the scene, Henery asked Fritzsche if she could take the graphics card out and take a photo of it. Reasoning that she needs Kilby to verify that it is exactly the same video card promised.

Although Fritzsche agreed to remove the graphics card from the system and show it to Henery, he followed her outside to make sure she doesn’t run away with it.

However, he was surprised to see Kilby there who allegedly grabbed him by the throat. Kilby then allegedly began punching him and hitting him with an unknown object. The couple managed to get away into their vehicle, a Scion FRS with CA plate 7ARP381 and with the graphics card as well.

What Kind of Graphics Card is It?

The original CBS report of the incident does not mention which graphics card specifically. Furthermore, the article’s description that it is “a type also favored by hackers who want to mine for bitcoin” does not exactly help.

The $700 price tag could suggest it is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 or RTX 2080. However, the fact that this sale was arranged online implies that it is an older, used hardware. So it might even be a GTX 1080 Ti or equivalent.

As for Kilby and Henery, Deputies have obtained arrest warrants for both, with bail set at $250,000 each.

This should serve as a reminder for anyone selling/buying hardware on online marketplaces to be careful.

Ron Perillo

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