PC Building Simulator 2 Review – A Practically Perfect Sequel

I make very little secret of the fact that I am a huge supporter of the original ‘PC Building Simulator‘ gaming title. Not necessarily in terms of its story (which was a bit limited) but more from the viewpoint that I genuinely believed it represented one of the best tools for a beginner to learn the basics (and even some of the more advanced aspects) of assembling a working gaming PC.

While the campaign was certainly fun from the viewpoint of learning how to diagnose and fix problems (that tend to crop up in PC systems from time to time), one of the most popular aspects of it was the ability to assemble your dream build using many real-world components, and all in the comfort of knowing that the only bank balance being destroyed in the process was a virtual one!

Tomorrow, however, marks the release of PC Building Simulator 2. Yep, we have a sequel and it certainly seems to be boasting a lot of new impressive features. Smarter graphics, a brand new more extensive ‘story’ mode, absolutely masses of official partners bringing their technology into this virtual world, and much, much, much more!

Is it any good though? Well, thanks to the kind people at Spiral House Ltd (the developer of PC Building Simulator 2) they provided us with the code for an advanced copy of it so let’s get it installed and see if PC Building Simulator 2 is a genuine upgrade or more of a sidegrade from the original.

And just in case it needed to be said, yes, we got our copy for free, but that doesn’t have us over a barrel to be hyperbolically praiseful of it. This will be an entirely honest and unrestricted review (as we always do here at eTeknix.

About PC Building Simulator 2

“Grow your empire as you learn to repair, build and customize PCs at the next level. Experience deeper simulation, an upgraded career mode, and powerful new customization features. Use realistic parts from 40+ hardware brands to bring your ultimate PC to life.

Start your own PC business in Career Mode, and learn to build and repair PCs. Upgrade your workshop and unlock new tools and equipment as you level up. Turn a profit while going the extra mile for your customers, and watch the positive reviews roll in.

Unleash your creativity in Free Build Mode. Select from 1200+ components to plan and execute a powerhouse PC. Install upgraded water cooling, overclock your CPU & GPU, and tweak RAM timings to turbocharge performance. Use 3DMark and Cinebench benchmarks to test and optimise your design.
Add sequenced RGB lighting, spray paint and stickers to create the ultimate custom rig. Customize your workshop with new walls, floors, posters and furniture, and make your PC building space your own.

Go deeper into your builds with realistic hardware and software simulation. Optimise cooling with the Fan Control app and thermal camera, track power consumption with Power Monitor, and add custom water blocks to GPUs, CPUs, RAM and Motherboards.”

Official Partners

PC Building Simulator 2 has vastly extended the number of partners seen from the original title to over 40 well-known PC hardware or peripheral companies now being directly involved. What does this mean? Well, while this might be called a simulator, you’ll be handling virtual representations of real-world technologies from some of the biggest names around.

PC Requirements

We clearly didn’t expect PC Building Simulator 2 to be a particularly taxing title when it comes to PC requirements since it doesn’t exactly require any monumentally huge physics calculations or, you know, overly pretty/complicated graphics. – With this in mind, therefore, the official system requirements for it are fairly low and definitely generous by modern standards. – Even the ‘recommended’ hardware is certainly on the below-average side of things, but looking at the minimum, I think most relatively entry-level laptops shouldn’t have too many problems getting this to run (and well!).

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Mike Sanders

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