PC Gamers Boo Xbox Live Off Stage At Quake Con

/ 3 years ago


Microsoft got their asses handed to them last night, trying to test the patience of the often brand loyal PC gaming market and they did it right on the home turf of the enthusiast PC gamer, Quake Con.

At this years QuakeCon, Bethesda’s PR front-man Pete Hines took to the stage during the opening presentation to talk up some of the promotions and deals the company has happening around the weekend long event. This included cross-buy and some cool deals. However, it soon went down hill when Hines mentioned Xbox Live, leaving the crowd to boo the audacity to utter such words. Let’s not forget the pile of crap that was Games for Windows Live; This is a PC gaming crowd, they remember and they’re often the first to mock anything console related.

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Personally, I do use Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Steam and other platforms, I’ve no time for fanboyism and all this Master Race nonsense. Yet I can understand why many dislike Microsoft distribution platforms for gaming, especially since the company has often shown a complete lack of knowledge for what the gaming community really want on several occasions. If you’re going to go to a PC gaming centric event to discuss PC games, stay on topic.

Thank you OneAngryGamer for providing us with this information.

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5 Responses to “PC Gamers Boo Xbox Live Off Stage At Quake Con”
  1. weirdkindofawesome says:

    Exactly as you said. Trying to promote XLIVE or something console-marketing-related (pleasebuyfromus) on the QuakeCon stage was a huge mistake from them. Really glad the PC community stood up to their bs.

  2. DOOM on PC vs DOOM on SNES. Just admire the difference. PC kicks console ass now and kicked it on DOS.

  3. FakeName says:

    It’s not even that bad, he plays it off so well.

  4. Patrick McDermott says:

    I can hear my boos amongst the crowd c’:

  5. ___ says:

    Not everything is a competition, idiots. Get a brain.

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