PC Gamers to be Represented at E3

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E3, that glorious event where game creators come together to blow our minds with what they have in store for gamers in the upcoming year. Last year we had the likes of Battlefield Hardline gracing the stage, but it’s always targeted for the same audience; console gamers.

This year is slightly different, yes at E3 there have been stalls with some PC paraphernalia tucked in a corner, but this year creators have come together to offer a PC gamers only event. PC hardware has never been so bang-for-buck powerful; just look at the NVIDIA GTX 960, absolutely smashing the mid-range budgets at 1080p for under £200. Developers have come to understand that and have now embraced it.

PC Gaming Show, presented by AMD and PC Gamer, the event will be hosted on June 16th in downtown Los Angeles. Kicking off in the Blasco Teater at 5PM PT, developers such as Blizzard, Square Enix, Devolver Digital and Bohemia Interactive will present some of their upcoming releases; alongside speakers like Cliff Bleszinski and Dean Hall. Now don’t worry, we will have coverage of the event on our website, but there will be a live stream via Twitch so you can see what exactly is going on.

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We’ve already heard an E3 rumour story that AMD will be showcasing the hugely anticipated 300 series graphics cards; so maybe this is a fully tuned event to incorporate that.

Are you looking forward to any games or hardware to be announced at E3? Will you be watching with live stream or just catching up on news stories that interest you? Let us know in the comments.

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