PCI Express based SATA Specification close to Ratification

/ 5 years ago

The Serial SATA International organization said on Thursday that a new specification of SATA ports will standardize PCIe as a choice of interface for client storage and has started the ratification process.

For those who don’t know, SATA-IO is an association of multiple companies dedicated to the standardization of SATA Technology.

The spec is now moved into member review stage, a stage before releasing the specification to SATA-IO members. The new specification is expected to be completed in 2013.

The PCIe interface will/should enable SATA to have an interface speed of up to 1GB/s per lane compared to the current SATA III standard which allows only 0.6GBs of interface speed. The interface spec will support both PCIe and existing SATA drives.

It goes without saying that this solution is made keeping SSDs in fashion and maybe bringing in Hybrid drives more, but it’s also made for client storage where SATA and PCIe solutions can be used together.

Via: Xbit Labs 

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