Pebble Seeds Engineering Schools With 4000 Free Smartwatches

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Pebble are looking to spark the fires of innovation with their new project which is aimed at education. The company will be donating over 4000 of their Pebble smart-watches to higher ed schools including Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford, Virginia Tech and more. Overall the will be donating around $600,000 worth of devices and along side their SDK they’re trying to get their tech into the hands of top developers of tomorrow. If this doesn’t spur the development of new apps and features at a rapid pace, nothing will.

The company is looking to find the potential of the device, for people to push its limits and make wearable tech the next big thing for Pebble and naturally Pebble want to be a strong contender against rivals such as Apple, Samsung and every other company that will be, or already have released smart-watches.

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This could also prove a great way to boost sales for the company as the PR work will now be done by the students via word of mouth, not to mention hands on experience that could tempt others into a purchase. Pebble are also offering a special discount through its institutional partners to anyone who wants to order a personal device through them.

How effective this strategy will be for both Pebble and the students involved remains to be seen, but it certainly looks like a promising project and we look forward to seeing the results throughout 2014.

Thank you Tech Crunch for providing us with this information.

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