Pebble Smartwatches Available On The Amazon Store

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Pebble smartwatches started shipping for $150, or even less, since Pebble is offering a $20 discount on its website, a sale that it decided to extend beyond Black Friday.

Pebble is also available on Amazon, both in the US and the UK. Not all colors are available at the moment, having only the white and red variants available on and white, red, gray and black variations on the store. The prices are also a key factor here, since there is a limited stock, early buyers will resell the watches at steeper prices.

For example, the Gray Pebble Smartwatch can reach the $379.99 price range on the US side of Amazon, while the Red variation from the UK side is priced at a steep £224.99. Enthusiasts can buy them at the previously mentioned prices, however a good advice is to wait for a stock refresh and a price drop. I’m pretty sure most people would not throw money at a watch just for the heck of it.

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When Pebble finished its Kickstarter campaign last year, it had raised over $10 million, making it Kickstarter’s most-funded project at the time. High demand forced the company to delay its initial September 2012 launch before finally shipping out models to early backers earlier this year.

Pebble has since updated its SDK to allow it to communicate with smartphones, featuring support for both the iOS and Android operating systems.

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