Pebble Time Smartwatch Smashes Kickstarter Goal in Minutes

/ 3 years ago

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Smartwatch maker Pebble decided to return to its old stalking ground, Kickstarter, to raise funding for its new wearable device, the Pebble Time, and the $500,000 goal was decimated in a matter of minutes.

First time around, Pebble raised $10.3 million on Kickstarter, a new record. The Pebble Time is already up to $6 million on its first day, from nearly 30,000 backers. With 31 days left to run, the device is set to decimate the record set by its predecessor.

pebble time notifications

The most notable update to the Pebble Time, apart from its colour screen, is its streamlined notification system. Instead of being hidden in the respective apps, all notifications are listed in chronological order, and can be navigated via the ‘Past’, ‘Present’, and ‘Future’ buttons on the side of the watch.

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The main advantage of a Pebble over other smart wearables, such as the Samsung Gear or Android Wear, is compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, though not all features are supported by both devices.

Pebble Time is due to ship to Kickstarter investors in May this year, with retail model becoming available soon after.

Source: Ars Technica

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