PES 2016 PC Version is a Disgrace

/ 2 years ago

PES 2016 1

The PC version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is shamefully based on the last-generation consoles edition and looks a complete shambles. Comparison images via NeoGAF, illustrates how the game on PC is lacking in sharpness, features blurry low-quality textures and contains a terrible lighting system. Not only that, PES 2016 doesn’t support resolutions above 25601600, only had 3 graphics settings and unbelievably, the roster has only been partially updated. Furthermore, the promotional screenshots on Steam are from the superior-looking PlayStation 4 version.

Currently, the reception from Steam users has been rightfully negative with a 42% approval rating. Konami’s handling of Metal Gear Solid V and decision to pull out from the console market has done little to help with their public reputation. Arguably PES will be their only AAA title, so surely they can get it right across multiple platforms. It’s baffling why Konami decided to port the technically ancient PlayStation 3/Xbox 360 version. Thankfully, customers can get their money back via the Steam Refund policy. The images below emphasize the stark difference between the PC and PS4 editions:

Pes 2016 2

Pes 2016 3

I’m extremely disappointed by Konami’s attitude and half-hearted approach to the PC port. Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 is a fantastic game and legitimate alternative to Fifa 16. However, the port is atrocious and grossly misrepresents the game you see via the Steam screenshots. To make matters worse, Konami has removed the default link which shows the Metacritic score. The publisher exploited a loophole to only offer the ‘Pro Evolution Soccer Digital Exclusive Bundle’. As a result, the standard game no longer exists and was removed from Steam. If this was intentional to hide negative reviews, then Konami really doesn’t deserve your money.

Thank you NeoGAF for providing us with this information.

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