Phantek Release MP Series Fans for Radiator Use

/ 3 years ago

Phanteks 140mm

Phanteks has announced the immediate availability of the PH-F120MP and PHF140MP Series High Static Pressure fans. The new MP Series fans are designed specifically for radiators where they have the ability to overcome the airflow restriction caused by high fin density. They new fans will be available in 120mm and 140mm sizes as the name suggests.

The redesigned seven blade fans use the Maelström Vortex Booster (MVB2) technology. The precisely angled blades generate a silent and controlled airflow with a downdraft vortex allowing for a greater amount of air to pass through and reduce the airflow turbulence at the same time. They also use the Updraft Floating Balance bearing (UFB) that further increases the lifespan and reduces mechanical noise.

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The MP Series’ PWM functions allow users to adjust the speed from 500 to 1600 RPM on the PH-F140MP and 500 to 1800 RPM on the PH-F120MP. Higher speed for performance and lower for silent operation. Maximum airflow for the 140mm is 68.1 CFM with a static pressure of 1.62mm H20 while the maximum noise is 25.3 dBa. The 120mm can push 53.3CFM at a static pressure of 1.72mm and has a maximum noise of 25 dBa.

Phanteks 120mm

The black and white Phanteks MP fans have an MTBF of over 150,000 hours and come with a 5-year warranty.

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  1. Wayne says:

    If they’re specifically designed for radiators why are they bundled with case screws then?

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