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Phanteks Launches New AMP 1000W PSU and Revolt SFX 850W PSU

Phanteks have today introduced two new PSUs to the market, the Phanteks AMP 1000W and the Phanteks Revolt SFX 850W.

Phanteks AMP 1000W PSU 

In addition to the Glacier One T30, Phanteks is launching the AMP 1000W power supply. With a powerful 1000W power output, the AMP 1000W is a fully modular design with an 80 Plus Gold certification with fantastic 92% efficiency at half load. Featuring a copper plate connecting to the back panel and PCB, and gold-plate terminals to offer a powerful performance. Included are a 24-pin, two 4+4-pin, four 6+2-pin, and multiple SATA- and 4-pin Molex outputs perfect for powering a variety of components. Also included is a 12VHPWR adapter cable, to power an NVIDIA 40 Series GPU neatly without clutter.  

Pleasing To The Eye and Ear

The Phanteks AMP features a unique aesthetic, with its all-black design highlighted by a unique grey chequered pattern. Perfect for PC cases that display your power supply in all its glory!

The Phanteks AMP 1000W is not just visually appealing, it also delivers a pleasing auditory experience thanks to an innovative fan design. Featuring a high-quality 120mm fan that employs fluid dynamic bearings which cut down on vibrations, providing improved stability and longevity. Furthermore, the AMP 1000W features a temperature-controlled Fanless Hybrid mode that can provide near-silent operation when under low workloads.

Phanteks Revolt SFX 850W PSU 

Also launching from Phanteks is the Revolt 850W SFX power supply. Perfect for small form factor builds, this fully modular power supply features a temperature-controlled fan and an 80 Plus Platinum efficiency rating. With an 850W output, the Revolt SFX PSU can support even the most powerful hardware, as well as being built to the Intel ATX 3.0 platform standard, with native support for PCIe Gen5 12VHPWR. There is also the option for near silent operation with a 0 RPM mode when at 30% load.


A Phanteks Revolt power supply can match the needs of modern components. With many high-performance CPUs requiring over 200W and GPUs reaching 450W+, an 850W supply is highly recommended. With its modular design, the Revolt PSU can support a wide variety of devices including NVIDIA RTX 40 Series GPUs, thanks to its dedicated 12VHPWR output. This new connection can deliver an astounding 600W along a single cable. All power is supplied safely thanks to the many forms of output protection Phanteks has built into the design, including Overpower, Over Voltage, Short Circuit, and Over Temperature protection.

Additionally, the Revolt is a highly efficient power supply, featuring 92% efficiency at 50% load. As such, this PSU achieves an amazing 80 Plus Platinum rating. What’s more, Phanteks has integrated these outstanding capabilities into a small form factor design. Thanks to an included set of tailor-made cables suitable for SFF builds, you’ll be able to build your dream small gaming PC.

Where Can I Learn More?

Both of these Phanteks PSUs are available for Pre-order at OverClockers

Phanteks AMP 1000W V2 80PLUS Gold Power Supply – £159.95

Phanteks Revolt SFX 80 PLUS Platinum modular – 850 Watt -£179.99 + 10-Year Warranty

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