Phasmophobia Devs Tease New Ghosts and Detecting Equipment

I absolutely love Phasmophobia. And this is coming from someone who has something of a track history of generally disliking scary games. When you get into a good party though, of people all playing into the overall ethos, it can be amazingly good fun (intermittently spersed with trouser soiling moments of terror). – Since its initial release, however, I think it would be fair to say that the limitations of the early access title have started to become more apparent Put simply, as great as Phasmophobia is, it gets old or at least repetitive pretty quickly. Following an official Twitter post, however, it seems that some new and fresh content is on the way, and, quite frankly, if you think a professional-level Asylum is terrifying, then things might be set to get a lot spookier!

Phasmophobia Teases New Big Update!

As part of the teaser post, it would appear that two new ghosts are set to be added to Phasmophobia. And by proxy, we’re going to need some new equipment to track them down. While details are still somewhat vague (because they’ve deliberately blurred it out), it would appear that one of the ghosts is going to be quite vocal. Sources are claiming that this new addition will actually sing to denote its presence with apparently only certain members of the party being able to hear it without the use of equipment. Worse, if it stops making noise, then it’s on the hunt! – So, it’s taken a while, but it would appear that the practically useless sound sensor (along with some apparently new audio detection tools) is finally going to get a moderately practical application.

Details on the other ghost are still somewhat vague, but it would appear that this one will only be visible through some new camera equipment. So, only seeing it appear through a lens will clearly add to the terror!

When is it Out?

Although no specific date for this update has been confirmed yet, it seems likely that it will be released within the next couple of weeks. Therefore, if you do want to learn more about Phasmophobia, and, who knows, maybe try it out for yourself, you can check out the official Steam website via the link here! – Better still, at only £10.99, I promise you that you’ll struggle to find more gaming fun for this kind of money!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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