Phasmophobia Early Access Likely Extended Due to its Success

2020 has been a very unusual year for more than a few reasons. In terms of gaming, however, we have seen a number of titles break out this year that perhaps in others would never have escaped from relative obscurity. For example, it certainly seems somewhat unusual that Among Us and Fall Guys, two relatively benign games in terms of high-end development, will for a significant portion of people represent their ‘games of the year’. Another good choice to add to that list, however, is Phasmophobia.

Since it’s early access release back in September, Phasmophobia has been storming into popularity and, given that this game has been created by just one person, they are perhaps the most pleasantly surprised by this. With the boom the game is seeing, however, in a report via Eurogamer, the developer has just announced that Phasmophobia will likely remain in early access for longer than anticipated, but don’t worry, this is (probably) all good news!

Phasmophobia to Remain in Early Access For A While Longer?

Put simply, the one-person team behind this game (known only as ‘Dknighter’) while clearly hoping it would do well, did not expect this colossally huge level of popularity. Rather than seeing the 500ish concurrent players they hoped for, the game now averages around 50-70,000 with a peak of 90,000 achieved last week.

With this in mind, the creator now feels somewhat compelled to put a lot more effort and additional development/content into the game which may, had it not been so successful in recent weeks, likely have just released in a form not too dissimilar to what we have now.

“I was originally planning the early access to be short, where I just add a few more maps, ghost types and equipment. However, due to the game’s popularity, everyone’s expectations are increased so I am going to have to reconsider my plans for the game’s future.”

Is It Worth Playing?

I’ve only pumped around 10 hours into Phasmophobia so far, but I will say that it’s an exceptionally fun game to play. Admittedly, it is better with friends, but one of the most positive aspects of the how the games plays is that there really isn’t much to be gained from people being toxic (and/or trolling). Having played with more than a few ‘randoms’, everyone is generally very nice and pleasant to talk with and they all aim towards the same goal of identifying the ghost and getting the hell out of there before it kills you!

Oh, and if you’re wondering if the game is scary, well, yes it is. But even for a scaredy-cat like me, I can live with this. It’s not reliant on jump scares and, generally speaking, as long as you’re not ‘alone’, you’ll probably feel brave enough to do some investigative work!

Phasmophobia is currently available on Steam for £10.99 and you can check out the games official store website via the link here!

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Mike Sanders

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