Phasmophobia Teases Big Update This Friday

Released in early access last September, Phasmophobia has proven to be an exceptionally popular title among gamers and particularly streamers. If you haven’t played it before, the premise of it is pretty simple. You have to identify a ghost (with teammates) without accidentally becoming its next victim. – Phasmophobia still remains in early access. However, several decent updates have been released, adding more depth and dimension to the genuinely spooky title!

Following an official Twitter post by the game’s developer, however, it looks like something major is on the way in an update planned for release this Friday!


With a significant amount of new content expected to be added to the game, it has already been leaked that one aspect of it will be the introduction of two new types of ghost. However, alluding to this in their Twitter post, Kinetic Games (Phasmophobia’s developer) has suggested that something else is coming that hasn’t been mentioned yet.

So, what could it be? Well, while there are some theories, nobody seems to know for certain yet…

What Do We Think?

One suggestion is that new ghost hunting tools and mechanics are going to be added to the game. Another suggestion, however, is the possibility that players may be able to ‘jump’ into already active games (filling spots either empty or vacated by others). – In a far more interesting possibility though, some are speculating that ‘tasks’ will be added for team members who have already been killed by the ghost. Albeit, it’s unclear as to once dead whether your role is to help or hinder your former team mates.

With it set to be released this Friday, I’m definitely going to be checking this one. So if you see someone spending most of the round hiding in the van or cupboard, say hello as that’s probably me!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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