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Philips 272E1GAJ 144hz Gaming Monitor Review

How Much Does it Cost?

Right now, the Philips 272E1GAJ is available from Amazon UK for just £241, which I think is pretty great value for what you get. For a 144Hz display from a big name brand, and with this level of performance, is really hard to complain about. However, I have seen it listed at prices closer to £200 if you shop around some of the lesser-known stores, but stock is a little thin, so take a few days to track prices and you could save yourself a bundle.


I wasn’t expecting too much from this monitor really, at this price and resolution, it didn’t excite me, if I’m brutally honest. I’m a big panel and big resolution gamer. I like my 4K stuff, and I don’t play competitively. That being said, I’d happily use this monitor daily, and what you get for your investment can not be understated as this is certainly much more than a high refresh rate gaming monitor.

Every Day and Beyond

This is just a great PC monitor for just about everyone really. At 27″ it has a good panel size that makes it comfortable to work on, while also being big enough for media consumption, a few movies, and certainly big enough for gaming. Having both HDMI and DisplayPort means I can connect an Xbox One or any other console really, as well as my PC, making it well suited for gaming setups. It’ll work just as well in the office, home office, kids gaming PC, whatever really.


My jaw hit the floor when I tested this monitor, the stock colour reproduction, gamma, black levels, etc, are insanely good for this price range. Easily on par with many professional editing monitors. The Delta-E was way below 2, which is truly excellent. Then my humble calibration brought that down below 1, which is really rare. Normally, a strong blue tone or something would be present, but nope, it’s truly fantastic. This results in games, movies and your photos looks very accurate and pleasing to the eye.

Should I Buy One?

Honestly, if you can find a better monitor for this price, let me know. Incredible colour reproduction, gamma and backlight performance, ultra-fast refresh rates, and a price that’s pretty kind to the wallet. I’ll be recommending this one a lot.

Philips 272E1GAJ 144hz Gaming Monitor Review

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