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Philips 45B1U6900C 32:9 SuperWide Curved Business Monitor Review

There are many ways you can enhance your desktop experience, from a nice mouse mat, a good set of peripherals, a Qi charger, and maybe a little potted cactus to really spice up the aesthetic. Then again, you can just knock everything to the floor as you make room for a stinkingly huge monitor… yeah, let’s do that! The Philips 45B1U6900C isn’t some bleeding-edge gaming monitor, so don’t expect class-leading refresh rates, backlight technologies, or anything like that. However, what it does have on its side is size and plenty of it. It’s a staggering 45-inch SuperWide panel. Most monitors are widescreen, that’s a 16:9 aspect ratio, then you have ultrawide, that’s 21:9, but this is an even bigger 32:9, literally the equivalent of two wide-screen monitors in one!

Philips 45B1U6900C 32:9

It’s being marketed as a business monitor, which is to say, it’s more for the office, or even the home office, rather than the gaming cave you’re building. It’s built for taking your productivity to the next level, even if its main way of achieving that is just by being bloody massive, it does have a few more tricks up its very wide sleeves. It has a USB Type-C output/input to connect your laptop, PC, or similar. However, you hook up your peripherals and even your Ethernet to the monitor! That way when you connect the Type-C, it can deliver video, peripheral connectivity and networking from a single cable, and there’s even a KVM switch so you can switch all that connectivity between multiple systems. If that’s now enough the Type-C also has a 100W power delivery, so you can even charge your laptop all at the same time too, amazing.


  • RJ-45 to USB-C gives easy network connection with security – Simplify all peripherals from monitor to PC using one-cable docking USB Type-C connector, including networking, high-resolution video output from PC to monitor, and surfing on the Internet without an additional network cable, even without a LAN port on your notebook. RJ45 connection through USB-C offers a fast and secure connection when needed. Getting the fastest data speeds allows you to transfer data from an HDD to your PC faster than ever. Additionally, USB-C with power delivery can even enable you to power and charge your notebook from the monitor, eliminating the need for extra power cables.
  • Built-in KVM switch to easily switch between sources – With the MultiClient Integrated KVM switch, you can control two separate PCs with one monitor-keyboard-mouse setup. A convenient button allows you to quickly switch between sources. Handy with setups that require dual PC computing power or sharing one large monitor to show two different PCs.
  • VA display delivers awesome images with wide viewing angles – The Philips VA LED display uses an advanced multi-domain vertical alignment technology that gives you super-high static contrast ratios for extra-vivid and bright images. While standard office applications are handled with ease, it is especially suitable for photos, web browsing, films, gaming and demanding graphical applications. Its optimised pixel management technology gives you a 178/178-degree extra-wide viewing angle, resulting in crisp images.
  • DisplayHDR 400 for more lifelike and outstanding visuals – VESA-certified DisplayHDR 400 delivers a significant step up from normal SDR displays. Unlike, other “HDR-compatible” screens, true DisplayHDR 400 produces astonishing brightness, contrast and colours. With global dimming and peak brightness up to 400 nits, images come to life with notable highlights while featuring deeper, more nuanced blacks. It renders a fuller palette of rich new colours, delivering a visual experience that engages your senses.
  • Curved display design for a more immersive experience Desktop monitors offer a personal user experience, which suits a curved design very well. The curved screen provides a pleasant yet subtle immersion effect, which focuses on you at the centre of your desk.
  • 32:9 SuperWide screen designed to replace multiscreen setups – 32:9 SuperWide 49″ screen with 5120 x 1440 resolution is designed to replace multiscreen setups for a massive wide view. It’s like having two 27″ 16:9 Quad HD displays side by side. SuperWide monitors offer the screen area of dual monitors without the complicated setup.

For in-depth features and specifications, please visit the official product page here.

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