Philips Momentum 3000 27″ 165Hz Monitor Review – And It Comes With a Free Tree!?

Philips is one of the biggest and best when it comes to making quality desktop monitors, and are actually operated by the same people who make AOC monitors too, so they certainly know a thing or two about display technology. However, while AOC often pushes into the gaming market, Philips is more on the broader consumer side of things, but it still has some impressive gaming credentials too. The new Momentum 3000 looks set to be a very interesting monitor for the office or home space, and at a little over £200, it’s reasonably affordable for a moment with enticing specifications.

Philips Momentum 3000

It’s certainly well equipped and offers a fast response time, excellent refresh rate (165Hz), and low input lag, making it a solid starting point for those looking to get into competitive gaming, but also just to enhance your desktop gaming experience in general. It has Ultra Wide-Color support, an impressive ergonomic stand that’s extremely versatile, powerful built-in stereo speakers, FreeSync support, and it’s even certified as G-Sync compatible. And with all that in mind and more to come, the latest Philips Full HD monitor is starting to sound extremely interesting, wouldn’t you agree?

What Philips Had to Say

“This Philips gaming monitor is an ideal all-around display for intense PC games. Sync technology, rapid 165 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time deliver smooth gameplay. Includes a visually immersive slim-frame display and Ultra Wide-Color.”

Comes With a Free Tree?

I’m not even kidding, this monitor is very much in tune with the times. It’s the first monitor I’ve seen that comes packaged in cardboard, no stupid hard foam here, it’s all recyclable and I love that.

However, also in the box, is this little pot with a tree seed inside it. Philips say they’ll be planting ten more for each one sold too, helping ensure the product is carbon neutral.

Score, there are two in here! I wonder if I should call Philips HQ and tell them they need to plant 20 now.

Oh right, we’re here to review a monitor… See you on the next page!

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