Pictures of Zotac’s GTX 680 Extreme Edition surface

/ 6 years ago

Zotac is showing its engineering work with the Extreme Edition of the GTX 680, sporting some very interesting designs to say the least.

Taking Nvidia’s Kepler chip, equipping it with 2 GB of high-grade Hynix GDDR5 memory chips and pairing them with a 12-phase VRM power supply, it uses server-grade tantalum and FPCAP multi-phase capacitors in addition to the bleeding-edge International Rectifier GaNpowIR driver-MOSFETs. Driving all this technology is a CHiL CHL8318 VRM controller.

In addition to the consolidated voltage measurement points, Zotac’s Extreme Edition features a special native logic that takes input from a USB control module. The card will be bundled with a front-panel OC module to fit either into a 5.25″ or 3.5″ exposed drive bay, giving hardware control and real-time diagnostic information about clock speeds, fan speeds, and voltages.

As you can see, the card is equipped with a rather unique looking cooler, which makes use of two fans to ventilate a dense aluminium fin array through which are passed copper heat pipes dissipating heat from the GPU.

Aside from the rumoured 2GHz clock speed reported a while back, Zotac does claim that this card will break world record as well as setting new ones. More details were not given, that includes any clock speeds.

Source: TechPowerUp; Image: Expreview

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