Pixie Point Bluetooth Fob Helps You Keep Track of Lost Stuff

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New startup Pixie has developed a Bluetooth fob, called the Pixie Point, to help you reclaim lost items.

The 3.2-inch Pixie Point is shaped like a guitar pick. It is always on and utilises Bluetooth LE to track its location. Each waterproof Point fob has an internal battery life is 18 months. The device can be tracked within 50 feet indoors and 150 feet outdoors with a smartphone app, with accuracy of less than a foot.

Ofer Friedman, co-founder of Pixie, says, “It’s not a proximity device. We’re actually measuring the distance.”

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“That it’s device to device communication — as opposed to device to phone only — is huge.” Amir Bassan-Eskenazi, CEO and co-founder of Pixie, said. “Everything is aware of everything. That’s what people told me could not be done.”

The smartphone app lets you track your lost items through augmented reality – a display of your surroundings, using your phone’s camera, points you towards the Pixie Point.

pixie 2

The Pixie Point is available for pre-order from Pixie’s online store, priced $39.95 (£26.47).

Source: The Verge

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