Pizza Hut is Playing With Eye-Tracking Technology to Choose Your Favourite Toppings

/ 3 years ago


For regular pizza orders, this might be just the trick to have you ordering Pizza Hut the next time you get the munchies.

The pizza chain is testing out a new eye-tracking technology from Tobii dubbed the “Subconscious Menu”, which has images of 20 typical pizza toppings. The popular toppings are obviously all there, with the system recognising which topping you’ve looked at the longest, all in 2.5 seconds. From here, it will identify which combination, out of a possible 4,896 options, that you’d like to have on your pizza.

Tobii Technology, a Swedish company, designed the system in 6 months with the help of Pizza Hut. Tobii says that the Subconscious Menu might show up at Pizza Hut restaurants one day, but with the preliminary testing they’ve done, they’re already striking a 98% success rate. Pizza Hut’s head of marketing adds that the idea came from wanting to do something different to their traditional menu, and by the sounds of it, I think they’re onto a winner.

Source: SlashGear.

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    Very intuitive.