Planar 3DVision ready 23-inch widescreen monitor announced

/ 7 years ago

Planar isn’t a brand that we hear a lot about in the consumer market here in the UK, but as we cater for all countries around the world, and the fact that Planar do sell some products here in the UK we thought it only fitting to give you the low down on the new 3DVision ready 23 inch widescreen monitor from them.

Planar Systems, Inc. or Planar for short have released 2 new products onto the market including the SA2311W 3D LCD monitor, featuring a 1920×1080 resolution as expected, 120Hz frame rate, 2ms response time, an array of connections including D-Sub (VGA), DVI and HDMI.

The monitor will also feature a height adjustable stand, so you can situate it at the most comfortable level for your 3D viewing. Perfect!

Our sources also tell us that the monitor will come backed with a typical 3 year warranty.

The other new product that Planar are bringing into the world is the ProGlow keyboard which features seven adjustable light levels, USB connectivity and a standard QWERTY layout.

We’ve always been fans of backlit keyboards due to the stance that they have over the traditional type but as with everything, extra features means more money.

These products should be hitting retailers in December, ready for the Christmas rush with a price point of $449 USD for the monitor and $185 USD for the keyboard. Sadly, it’s very hard to work out UK prices with our terrible exchange rate and the VAT rise imminent.

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2 Responses to “Planar 3DVision ready 23-inch widescreen monitor announced”
  1. buburuza72 says:

    those prices are outrageous! but i would try them both :p

  2. thebigbadwolf says:

    Agreed, get me one or two, or 3 😀 EYEFINITY 😀

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