Plans For Oculus Rift Demo Stations In Retail Stores

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Virtual reality gaming has slowly been getting more and more popular among gamers and is considered to be the next big step in gaming adding more immersion and reality, The Oculus Rift has sold over 175,000 development kits and has proved to be a successful and popular device for gamers. However, the vast majority of the world has not had the awesome chance to try this tech out as to use the Oculus Rift.

A person needs a decent gaming rig and of course an Oculus Rift, which don’t come cheap. However, for the not so fortunate ones the Rift will be coming to Retail stores for buyers to demo and try it out as you can’t experience the Rift from watching YouTuber’s try it out but by using the device. Oculus plans to put Rift demo stations in retail locations when the consumer version of the Rift goes on sale in Q1 2016. The company plans to sell the VR headset both online and in brick and mortar stores, Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey tells us that the in store Rift station demo’s will accompany units on shelves so customers can take the VR for a ride.

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Featuring Oculus Rift in stores is needed, as you really need to experience the Rift in order to sell it to a wider audience. Have you experience the Oculus Rift yet?

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