Why Play The Last of Us, When You Can Watch It as a Series

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The Last of Us is one of the best games I have ever played, sure it isn’t perfect, but it captured my imagination, had great gameplay and even managed to pull a few great emotional moments, something that a lot of games tend to fail at miserably. However, not all of us own a PlayStation and some of you may not even want to own one, but what if you still want to enjoy the story of The Last of Us?

The Last of Us fan, Grant Voegtle, is one person I would say has too much spare time on his hands, but I’m forever grateful that he did. He has created an episodic mega-edit of the entire game, breaking it into six videos half hour that are all available on YouTube. The presentation is not unlike that of a TV drama, allowing you to enjoy the games major story points, without all the boring loading stuff, sifting through the inventory and other bits and bobs. Voegtle said the game has “restructured and edited to be a smooth and engaging viewing experience.” and that the game took

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I will offer a blatantly obvious warning, there are spoilers, the whole thing is a spoiler, if you ever want to play this game, it may be best you don’t watch these videos. I have played the game, yet I’m still thoroughly enjoying the videos regardless, are you?

Check out the trailer below and check out the full episodes on the channel here.

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