Play Watch_Dogs as a Naked Woman and Jordi Chin Thanks to New Mod

/ 3 years ago

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Ok, it was inevitable, I mean we are talking about something on THE INTERNET here. A YouTube member who goes by the name of “SoloCreep” has claimed that there are files within Watch_Dogs that are just models of naked women. SoloCreep has also taken the time to prove to us he is telling the truth by swapping the Aiden Pierce model for one of the ‘Nude’ models, which you can see in a video below. Not sure why Ubisoft decided to include these files within the finished game but credit where credit is due, they have gone into detail with the ‘Nude’ model so bravo Ubisoft, Bravo!

But the modder didn’t just stop there, he went ahead and turned Aiden into Jordi Chin which, judging by the video, doesn’t look too bad. There is however a problem, SoloCreep hasn’t released a video telling people how he went about changing Aidens character model to something a little more ‘fleshy’, hopefully he will let everyone in on the secret soon so we can all mess around! Ubisoft might release a patch once they know how he did it and scrap mod support entirely but until then we shall enjoy roaming the virtual streets of Chicago as Jordi Chin or a random naked lady (Once we know how to of course).

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Thanks to WFF Tech for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Steam.

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  1. vigh says:

    erm arnt these models just from the slave auction

  2. Gideon Alvin White says:


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