Playbox, a Monstrous Xbox One/PlayStation 4 Hybrid Laptop

/ 3 years ago


Ever wanted a portable Xbox One or PlayStation 4? How about the pair of them, in one case? If you have, then you should thank modder Eddie Zarick for making this barmy pipedream a reality. Playbox is an Xbox One/PlayStation 4 hybrid, combined in a laptop-like case with a 1080p 22-inch screen.

Zarick has previous form as far as the two consoles are concerned: he previously built separate laptop-encased systems from the PS 4 and Xbox One, plus an Xbox One/Xbox 360 combo called the Xbook Duo.

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Though the Playbox is not on general sale – the prototype being a custom order – Zarick does sell the separate laptop-modded systems, the Xbook One and Playbook 4, for $1,500 and $1,400, respectively, through his website.

Source: The Verge

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