PlayStation 4 1.60 Firmware Launches Today

/ 4 years ago


The roll-out has begun for the latest PlayStation 4 firmware, so it’s a perfect time to leave your new console in standby mode if you’re not using so that you can get the updates downloaded and installed automatically. The new update adds a couple of new features, nothing major but still every bit welcome, as well as a few minor stability fixes.

The biggest feature added to the console with the 1.60 update is the added support for the new Pulse Wireless stereo headset, as well as the original Wireless Stereo headset. In addition to chat / gaming headset, the best patch so far is that you can now mute the microphone that is built-in to the camera, putting an end to the constant ambient chat audio that many players experienced.

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Stability improvements are always great too, so this should mean less crashes from certain apps and games, and no doubt a bunch of fixes for the various error messages and strange glitches we’ve heard about with the system OS.

Now we just need to crack the whip at Sony so that they add DLNA, 3D Blu-Ray support and a bunch of other stuff, but as it did with the PS3, these things take time.

Thank you Fudzilla for providing us with this information.

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