PlayStation 4 – Dave Perry of Ceo of Gai Kai Speaks @ Meeting 2013

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Gai Kai as you way already know is a video game streaming service that Sony recently bought for a whopping $380 million dollars. The gaming community was stumped on why as streaming and cloud gaming still hasn’t fully taken off, that is until now.

Before you used to have to download your games, demos and more before you tried it. Now you can stream the game INSTANTLY from the PlayStation store, if you like it, buy it and download it, or even just play it streaming while your purchase downloads in the background, in short, you no longer have to wait to play your new games! Digital purchase or not.

This is all going to be backed up by a powerful, integrated social network that will allow for gamers to spectate and interact with each other in realtime.

Broaden this out to the fact the new controller features a “share” button, allowing you to live stream video from your console much like does for PC. Instant message on the screen while watching your friends, let them help you remotely!

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Thats right, if your friend is on the other side of the world watching your live stream, you can hand over control he can have a go… this is truly immense.

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Remote play is making a huge comeback too, now you can take your gameplay from the big screen and stream the stunning graphics of the PlayStation 4 straight to the PS Vita… I don’t mean to be harsh, but TAKE THAT NINTENDO, is roughly what Sony just said. It will be possible for any PS4 game to stream to your Vita.

The big news here however is backwards compatibility, as Dave Perry flat out announced that Ps1, 2 and 3 games could be streamed over the cloud allowing all your games to work on any device that can handle the video stream, not just your PS4 and Vita. The latest games straight to your phone anyone?

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