PlayStation 4 Exclusive Video Teaser Released

/ 4 years ago


Sony is playing the PR game like a total boss recently and while this latest video gives little away in terms of design of the new console, there is no doubt that this is a blurry muddled image of their next-gen hardware and Sony are all set to unveil it to the public in just a few short weeks.

Microsoft has their unveiling this week, and Sony have been chipping away at the MS hype for ages now, so much so that Sony are currently celebrating a social media buzz that is over twice the size of the next-gen Xbox chatter.

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Ok so this video isn’t much to shout about, but I’m a complete sucker for it all and I really, REALLY can’t wait for this years E3 and what could be one of the biggest hardware showdowns of our generation.

Enjoy the video below and be sure to keep en eye on June 10th when Sony really blow the lid off everything at we then enter the count down to hardware release day.Watch our world exclusive teaser video and make sure you are the first to see it at E3 June 10th 2013. Sign up:

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One Response to “PlayStation 4 Exclusive Video Teaser Released”
  1. Wayne says:

    The only thing that excites me about this thing is positive knock on effect it should have on PC games.

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