PlayStation 4 Game Round Up Part 2

/ 5 years ago

The games and demonstrations keep coming quick and fast tonight and here we have another stunning batch of amazing titles for the next-gen Sony console, PlayStation 4.

Quantic Dreams

Emotion is a big goal for Quantic Dreams and they aim to push expression to the limits with their next creation. While they didn’t show an actual game we did see a stunning facial animation tech demo that demonstrates a small proportion of what they have lined up for the future.

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Media Molecule

Record your dreams! using 3D creating and the move controller Media Molecule aim to break away for the typical stresses of the polygon and give you the tools to truly create and make your dreams.

Use sculpting tools and art techniques to design 3D models, drawings and works of art to visualize your imagination. Think digital clay using the Move Controller. But why stop there when you can use those objects you’ve created to create a scene or world of your own.

Why stop there of course, why not then add music, then animate your characters in real time with the move controller and become a true puppet master of the bizarre.

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chrome 2013-02-21 00-25-08-72

Panta Rhei Game Engine

Capcom were quick to bring details of their next-gen hardware tools that will allow them to take game designing in new directions and push Capcom firmly into the next-gen world.

chrome 2013-02-21 00-31-12-96

Deep Down (working title)

What appeared to be a Dragons Dogma esc game, amazing graphics, some of the best I’ve ever seen in fact! Dragons, fire and lots of impressive lighting and fire, I’m sold already.

chrome 2013-02-21 00-32-16-11

chrome 2013-02-21 00-32-28-03

chrome 2013-02-21 00-32-33-88

chrome 2013-02-21 00-32-59-99

chrome 2013-02-21 00-33-09-25

Street Fighter

Nothing more than a teaser unfortunately, but a brief message from Blanka hints for an all new Street Fighter title on PS4

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chrome 2013-02-21 00-34-03-50

Square Enix – Final Fantasy?

This was nothing new to us here at eTeknix, it was the Agnis Philosophy tech demo that was released a while back, however its now a game and Square Enix have lifted the “tech demo” tag line from this truly impressive demonstration, if this is the next generation of Final Fantasy we are in for a real treat.

The graphics, lighting, physics and characters portrayed in this demo are unlike anything seen in a video game to this day and Square Enix are already my firm favourite for the next gen.

chrome 2013-02-21 00-36-55-81

chrome 2013-02-21 00-37-10-92

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chrome 2013-02-21 00-37-50-82


Ubisoft were on hand with their next gen title Watchdogs, offering you the ability to control whole worlds, showing how everyone is connected, using smart phones and other digital tech through the eyes of the games protagonist.

A real time live demo shows an open world, tearing away at the layers of peoples digital lives in what looks like Assassins Creed in the not to distant future. As details of peoples smart phones, cash machines, computers and more streams from the world around you giving you the tools you need to complete your mission.

chrome 2013-02-21 00-45-54-34

chrome 2013-02-21 00-47-15-66

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chrome 2013-02-21 00-47-46-54

chrome 2013-02-21 00-49-13-79

chrome 2013-02-21 00-49-26-11

Diablo III

Blizzard don’t normally do public appearances, but when they do they do it BIG! While they didn’t show gameplay, we can confirm that they are bringing Diablo to both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

chrome 2013-02-21 00-53-07-49

chrome 2013-02-21 00-54-43-81

chrome 2013-02-21 00-54-57-21

Activision & Bungie

Destiny was recently unveiled to the world and their epic 10 year plan is set to stun the world with its first person persistent online MMO. Have Bungie created a true Halo beater? Only time will tell.

chrome 2013-02-21 00-58-06-30

chrome 2013-02-21 01-00-07-39

chrome 2013-02-21 01-00-08-53

chrome 2013-02-21 01-00-13-21

chrome 2013-02-21 01-00-15-91

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