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The PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Edition Sold Out After a Day

All Pre-Orders are Sold-Out

Sony‘s limited 500 million Edition PlayStation 4 Pro console is due to arrive on August 24. However, it only took a day for the limited edition variant to sell out its pre-order stock. That is not surprising considering it comes with a unique transluscent blue case. Sony also further sweetens the deal by including matching DualShock 4 controllers and a 2TB hard drive. This actually marks the first time that an official PlayStation 4 Pro unit came with an expanded storage by default.

As the name suggests, the 500 Million Edition derives its name from the amount of units Sony has sold since 2013. In fact, they have sold 525.3 million units to be exact. Although that is not quite as catchy as an even 500 million.

Is There Still a Chance to Get a Unit?

Sony is making 50,000 units in total, and according to, they have sold out their first wave of pre-order units available. Unfortunately, some users apparently ordered multiple units and there were no limits in place. Although Amazon put a 1-item limit once the official pre-order sale started, a technical error enabled the unit to be sold prior without the unit limit.

Interested users can sign up to be notified when the second wave rolls in. However, you would need quick fingers to get the orders in. Users can also try to pre-order via local stores, which is most likely going to provide a better chance than online ordering.

Once those stocks run out, Sony just happens to have some reserved for giveaways and competitions. So if you want to increase your chances on getting one, you can check out the official PlayStation Europe blog for giveaway details.

Ron Perillo

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