PlayStation 4 – The Early Official Details

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Sony have been keen to play on the strength of the PlayStation brand tonight and they didn’t hang about in dropping the announcement of the PlayStation 4 was on show.

Speaking about how they can improve work with developers to bring their ideas to life in the digital world. How they have been working with developers to create something that is friendlier and more accessible with a deeper feature set that prepares them for the future.

It’s official that the console now features:

  • a powerful X86 architecture APU
  • Almost 2 teraflops of performance
  • 8GB of GDDR5 Memory!
  • Built-hard drive
  • Capable of running the unreal Engine 4 tech demo in real time
  • GPU can run a stunning 1million part physics demo from Havok
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Sony didn’t stop here either and it turn out that the leaks of the controller were accurate, albeit the leaks were of a slightly less refined edition. Here we have the first image of the stunning new controller.

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