Sony Reports PlayStation Has Sold 500 Million Units

PlayStation Brand Tops 500 Million Sales

PlayStation, as a console brand, will be 24 years old this December. It’s remarkable to think how a deal with Nintendo (gone sour) led to one of modern gamings most popular console formats. Over the years, we have seen a number of exclusives which has given the PlayStation a remarkable heritage and fond place in (most) gamers memory.

In a report via GamesIndustry, Sony has just announced a major landmark for the brand. Put simply, PlayStation has now sold over 500 million units in its lifetime.

Just To Quantify That…

Just to be clear here, they are not saying that the PS4 has sold 500 million units. What they are saying is that since the original PlayStation launched in 1994, the several generations and iterations of the console has now reached over 500 million. Well, technically the figure is actually 524 million.

In the announcement, the Sony CEO, John Kodera, has said: “I would like to express my deepest gratitude for the continued support from our fans and business partners, who have all contributed to PlayStation’s rich history.”

The Nintendo concept that started it all!

Remarkable Figures From A Great Heritage

In recent years, Sony has found itself battling with Microsoft’s Xbox and largely, the PlayStation has always come out on top. While there was some relative parity between the PS2/PS3 and Xbox/Xbox 360 respectively, when the PS4 launched to the heralds of the ‘great console war’, sales blew Microsoft away. It’s even got to the point that Microsoft doesn’t even release sales figures anymore. Their defeat was that convincing.

Of that 524 million though, I know that I personally at least account for 5 of those (my PS3 broke). While details are uncertain as to what direction the PS5 will take, the future looks very bright for Sony.

What do you think? – Surprised at the numbers? How many PlayStation consoles have you owed? In addition, which was your favourite? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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