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PlayStation Classic Found To Use An Open-Source Emulator

PlayStation Classic Found To Use An Open-Source Emulator

Back in September, Sony announced that it was going to follow the success that Nintendo had seen by releasing a mini ‘classic’ version of their iconic PS1 console. Fans were delighted! Better still, it was going to release this year and sneak in just before Christmas. I daresay at that point this pretty much went to the top of many peoples lists.

Then, we heard about the games that were going to be included on it and the response got a little more tepid.

In a report via DSOGaming, however, there is a new revelation that might make people think twice about buying this at all. In the report, it has been found that the PS1 Classic will be running games using an open-source (and freely available) emulator.

PCSX Emulator

The PCSX emulator has been available for PC owners for years. Yes, it has had some updates, but in terms of open-source emulators, it’s exceptionally stable and one of the best. Some fans will be aggrieved that rather than making their own emulator, Sony is simply using one off the internet. Admittedly with a few minor tweaks. That being said though, it’s still essentially one you could download right now for nothing! While there is certainly a case for this standpoint. Others are a little more diplomatic saying that at least Sony is acknowledging that a third-party who created it for practically nothing has done a great job.

Well… I Won’t Buy It Then!

I suspect many of you are thinking that since this console is just a glorified version of an existing and free emulator, why buy it? Well, don’t forget that while such emulators are (generally) legal, you do, of course, have the small matter of the games themselves. The vast majority of game ROMS available online for major brand consoles are pirate. As such, technically, you’re breaking the law downloading them. At least the PlayStation Classic gets around that issue by providing you with 20 licensed games built in.

So, I’m not sure what to think about this any more. I will, however, go as far to say though that upon hearing this, I’m nowhere near as enthusiastic for it.

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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