PlayStation is the most popular platform to enjoy Netflix

/ 5 years ago

Netflix says that of all the devices that has the feature to stream Netflix, PlayStation 3 is the most popular platform for users to watch their favourite movies and series via Netflix in U.S. and globally.

 According to their blog, they complement Sony’s Gaming console as it lets owners to access Netflix directly via PSN and sign up for Netflix directly. They also praised that its the first gaming console/entertainment system to offer Netflix in full 1080p resolution with 5.1 Digital plus surround sound, post-play, second screen controls, alternate audio options including subtitles. Its also the platform that offers their new voice user interface “Max” that they are currently testing.
Why not XBox 360? One of the reasons is that in order to use streaming services such as Netflix requires an XBox LIVE subscription. PlayStation 3 doesn’t require any subscription fee. 1up for PS3.

Source: NetFlix Blog

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